1. I’ll agree with txmacsa. Beautiful design, and I’d love to see it as a poster, display it for the rest of the week on the Apple.com site, etc, but change the logo? No, and as others have said, Steve probably wouldn’t want it done, even as a tribute.

        Fantastic as the design is, Apple must move on from the present into its future, of which Steve Jobs — sadly — is not going to be a part.

    1. Agree; this logo would be great honour to Jobs, but Apple would betray his minimalism principles. Also, Jobs was usually humble in sense of inserting his name and/or images in even little credits, let alone the logo.

  1. As instrumental as Steve Jobs was to Apple, and how instrumental Apple has been to technology, to use this image as the logo would be to say that Apple is all about Steve Jobs. As touching as this image is, there has been a question about whether Apple was bigger than Steve Jobs even when reports of his cancer first came out, and to adopt this as the official logo would be to say the answer is no, and we all firmly believe the answer is yes.

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