Apple CEO Tim Cook does his best ‘Steve Jobs’

“Tim Cook is following the greatest opening act in corporate history,” Carmine Gallo writes for Forbes. “It’s nearly impossible to satisfy the audience after they’ve seen the best. But Cook has no choice. He’s the new CEO of the world’s most admired brand and it’s not his fault that he’s being compared to the world’s greatest presenter.”

“Cook did something very smart when Apple introduced the new iPhone 4S on October 4th,” Gallo writes. “He didn’t change the plays. In my book The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, I make the case that anyone can significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of their presentation by applying the Steve Jobs ‘template’ to their presentation, whether they use PowerPoint or Apple Keynote.”

Gallo writes, ” Cook stuck right to the playbook. I won’t go through each of the eighteen plays that make up a Steve Jobs presentation, but I will highlight seven techniques that Cook and several other Apple speakers applied, along with a brief explanation of why the technique works.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ellis D.” for the heads up.]


    1. Speaking of duds, I’ll bet your parents had the same feeling when you were born. Bet your dad wishes he could call back that little wiggler that created your stupid ass.

      1. I can certainly understand how people can be enthusiastic about certain brands they favor… computers, phones, cars, appliances, etc.

        What I cannot understand is what sort of cranial stack-heap collision it takes to make someone passionate about a brand they do *not* like. How could they possibly give a rat’s ass?

        I’m picturing some unwashed psycho, standing out in the office parking lot, waving his fists, spittle flying from his mouth as he curses passing luxury sedans.

    2. Only a fool would waste time being “anti” when you can spend precious, fleeting moments of a potentially worthless life doing something constructive. As John Lennon said, “positive energy is stronger than negative energy,” thus, “Give Peace a Chance” instead of “Stop the War.”
      Advocate for the technology you want- better yet- stay in school and learn something.

    3. Please Mr. Ballmer, get a grip. Just put the chair down, take your meds, and it will be OK. You’re close to retirement anyway, they probably won’t fire you for another year or 2, just relax and collect your billions and it will all be over soon.

            1. Good grief, you have to cogitate over that statement?

              Betcha had to really rub those two brain cells together to come up with that word.

            2. good word, cogitate.
              “grad-ge-ated” and cipherin’ too

              You’ll have to excuse me as I have a date with a noose cuz there ain’t no iPhone 5 and this 4S thang is BS.

  1. Jobs is a touch act to follow! My only criticism, and perhaps advice would be to speak a bit faster, and be a bit more excited about it.

    He did get more animated a couple of times, and that helped a lot. But when he was trolling along with fairly mundane stuff, and a slow pace, it was kinda poor.

    Public speaking is not for everyone. I hope he can improve over time. The other guys are all pretty good, and they can and did help a lot!

  2. This event tells me Jobs is to sick even to advise. HIs old technique of under-promise/over deliver was ignored as management did not manage expectations. There are plenty of ways to soften expectations, like make an announcement, not an event.

    I’m not sure why the company does this business of a higher number followed by the same number with and “S.” Go to the next full number. There’s a lot of disappointment by people who have no idea what the phone is, but dammit, they want a 5, not a measly 4S.

    Then all this beta stuff, and features to-come-later. That’s what google and microsoft do, not Apple. Either have it ready or wait until it’s ready.

  3. No one could replace Steve. Steve Jobs talking about computer devices was like having Newton lecture about gravity, Schroedinger talk about quantum mechanics or Leonardo interpreting the Mona Lisa. Tim Cook may not have the performance skills of Stev Jobs, but he does speak with authority. Compared to all the bloggers if Tim says something about Apple you have to believe it because he is now the man in charge.

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