Some Apple stores temporarily closed, reasons unknown; set to reopen October 4th or 5th

“Walking through the Marina District section of town here yesterday, I tried to find the local Apple Store, thinking I could determine why my MacBook Pro was having battery issues,” Daniel Terdiman reports for CNET. “The only problem? The store, which I’ve been to many times, was curiously nowhere to be found.”

“Today, it all makes sense. According to a news story making the rounds, the store I was trying to find, on Chestnut Street, and possibly at least two others around the country, are temporarily closed,” Terdiman reports. “In the case of this store, it seems that the facade had been blacked out in such a way that I didn’t even see the familiar glass front.”

Terdiman reports, “others stores definitely are closed. Apple’s Walnut Creek, Calif. store is shut, according to its Web page. There, a note greets potential visitors: “We’re closed September 26 – October 3.” A call to that outlet produced the same wording about why it’s closed — that it’s undergoing ‘minor update’ — as that of the Chestnut Street location in San Francisco, with the only difference being that it says that its doors will open again on October 4.””

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Getting some stores that need it ready for the next-gen iPhone lines?


    1. Yep.

      I’m just waiting for the MDN article “apple releases iOS 5”

      Has to be later tonight, or Monday… I doubt they will release it same day as the iPhone 5 event. Half the people in the audience will be wanting it prior to the event.

      Just my $.02

      1. I think that they will release the GM of iOS 5 immediately after the event on tuesday but not before. The reason is this new voice feature. They don’t want it to leak before the announcement even for developers like me.

        1. I don’t think they’ll seed one beta (the GM) before releasing the voice control feature – not enough testing time in the wild. They’ll show it off on Tuesday, release iOS 5.0 that day or within a week, and start seeding 5.1 which will have Assistant.

  1. I believe one of the forums I read recently, mentioned that some of the Apple stores are going to get minor update on several Apple Stores to be opened on 5th of October 2011.
    This was after the announcement for Oct 4th for iPhone 5 announcement.

  2. The author of the CNET article lives up to his name. It has been reported elsewhere that Apple is gradually performing a series of store refreshes, not unusual given the volume of traffic typically experienced at Apple stores. But leave it to click-mongering CNET to infer that the end of the world just too place and that Apple is doomed.


  3. All of the outdoor-facing stores have been closing for a week or so. They are installing gates on the front windows so that crooks can no longer back a car through or otherwise break the front glass to get easy access to dozens of computers.

  4. I don’t think it is related to the iPhone release, except that Apple will not schedule a renovation closure during the first few weeks AFTER release. So if one of the re-openings is October 6th (as it says in article), that means the new iPhone is not going to become available immediately after the October 4th presentation.

  5. “The store, which I’ve been to many times, was curiously nowhere to be found.”

    I am supposed to believe the author didn’t notice the big black wall that said when the store would reopen!

  6. genious at my store said it was for back room update – but after walking by the store today I don’t buy it. Looks like the retail space is getting worked over.

  7. Apple can just add a giant picture of Mr. Steve Ballmer with his tongue out in front of designated stores then nobody will even bother look at what Apple is doing inside the store. 🙂

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