Two more senior staff exit beleaguered BlackBerry maker RIM

“Executives in charge of developer relations and business outreach at Research In Motion have left the company,” Alastair Sharp reports for Reuters.

“Tyler Lessard, the company’s senior vice-president for global alliances and developer relations, ‘is moving on to pursue other interests,’ RIM said in a statement on Thursday,” Sharp reports. “A source with direct knowledge of the situation told Reuters that Jeff McDowell, senior vice-president for platform marketing and alliances, left the company two months ago.”

Sharp reports, “RIM has witnessed a stream of high-profile departures from its developer relations and marketing teams in recent months and in July it said it was slashing about 11 percent of its workforce due to falling sales and profit. Mike Kirkup, a director of developer relations, resigned in August. RIM’s head of marketing, Keith Pardy, left in March, just ahead of the PlayBook launch, and two of his staff later exited for jobs with Samsung, a fierce rival whose phones and tablets use Google’s Android system. A chief operating officer, Don Morrison, resigned in July after taking a medical leave.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Like rats from a sinking ship run aground by two delusional half-captains during amateur hour.


  1. Let this be a cautionary tale for any company content to sit on it’s laurels and let the hubris all hang out. Their mantra should be “Compete with ourselves.”

    On the other hand I wouldn’t want to get Steve Ballmer alarmed – you’re doin’ just fine Stevey! Eh heh.

  2. It is more than a bit depressing seeing here how joyful Apple fans are at other’s misfortune. Whenever any competitor suffers any type of loss, Apple fans dance on their grave with unmitigated joy. So much anger, so much hatred, so much hatred towards others. All on display here at MDN, day after day.

    1. I see both sides of the issue. Poking at failures is not “nice”.

      Once the failure goes on for a half decade, though, what then?

      RIMM has taken over 4 years to respond to Apple. In today’s tech world, that is a total disaster due to management’s inability to act.

      When product generations are measured in 12 month cycles, that means RIM is simply not prepared or motivated to innovate with its competitors.

      At that point mocking them is something RIM could expect.

      1. I am looking to see if respondents note such things as where the people leaving RIM go, like to competitors for instance.

        That tends to indicate they have fled to the savior of the life raft before the water reaches chin high.

        No word from user comments changes that opinion.

    2. Strange, you said “unmitigated joy”. Hard to have anger and hatred, when there’s “unmitigated joy”. Noone is happy that people may lose their jobs, but we can’t keep a company alive that wants to kill itself. Better those people with jobs start looking for new ones, sooner than later.

    3. I can see your point, Joker, but the level of hubris displayed by RIM, in particular toward the iPhone and iPad, was guaranteed to provoke a response. Their recent Playbook ads stating “Amateur hour is over” laid bare their arrogance for all to see. Arrogance is not a very useful for running a business. No wonder many of the upper management are leaving the company!

    4. I couldn’t agree more. Some people seem to think that Apple invented the phone. They didn’t. They transformed it into a revolutionary product. Do you really think The iPhone would really be what it is today if the likes of Nokia, Motorla and RIM didn’t give us their products first? RIM transformed the phone landscape as much as Apple has done. Ask someone who uses a phone for more that playing angry birds or tweeting that they just finished wiping their butt. Ask the business people who spend their lives on the road, in airports or anywhere away from a desktop/laptop connection. The blackberry transformed their lives and the business world.

      So whether the future brings renewed success for RIM or the drafting of an obituary, their mark in history cannot be challenged.

      I’ve been an apple user longer than some people out here have been out of diapers. I love their products and their philosophy. All empires eventually seem to fall. Steve Jobs created the DNA of Apple. With him gone, that DNA will ievitablly start to change and they may find themselves at some point where RIM is today.

      It’s all good though because there is always someone waiting in the wings to challenge the empire with new innovations and better ways of doing things. It results in better products for us as the consumers.


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