Microsoft reportedly tries to ban Apple Macs from Decibel Festival Conference 2011 [Updated]

Madrona Labs, maker of hardware and software for electronic music, today tweeted that Microsoft, a big sponsor of Decibel Festival Conference 2011 is trying to ban Apple Macs from the Demo/Will Call area where Madrona Labs will be presenting.

The Decibel Festival Conference 2011 is held in Seatlle in conjunction with the 2011 Decibel Festival program. The conference seeks to provide a space where artists, professionals and the public can exchange knowledge and create a supportive community that fosters networking, collaboration and promote creativity through technology.

So, how many of the artists choose Macs over Windows, do your thinK? 100% or just 99%?

Madrona Labs Tweet dB Conference Microsoft banning Macs

MacDailyNews Take: Behold The Streisand Effect in action.

UPDATE: 6:57pm EDT: Microsoft kicked Madrona Labs out of the building. Decibel was blindsided by their last minute demands.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tobias T.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Typical Ballmer shenanigans. This certifiably comes straight out of his bald head. If you can’t convince your user base to use PCs then deploy carpet bombing tactics by denying Macs from being used in sponsored events. This is the Microsoft embrace and extinguish strategy, a strategy that for the past 20 years has effectively sterilized the PC scene of Mac encroachment.

    1. NOT sold. Corrected it for you.

      When Mac adoption becomes ubiquitous, software developers will begin porting more obscure programs to the Mac side of things. When that happens people will stop dual booting Windows on their Macs. When and if Apple makes iWork as functional as MS Office, the twin pillars of MS profitability will suddenly turn to sand.

    2. “Why would Microsoft care?”

      Because Macs expose people to a better operating system and promote open standards, while Microsoft wants people to think there’s no such thing as a better operating system than Windows and also wants to lock people into it using proprietary standards?

      Plus they just love controlling public perception in order to sweep the success of their competitors under the rug while making themselves appear more winning than Charlie Sheen?

  2. with so many DJs and musicians incorporating laptops into their performances – I always look to see which platform they are using when the music suddenly stops – any guesses? win doze.

  3. A close look at the Streisand house pictured in the link to the “Streisand Effect” Wikipedia article from aerial photos I have seen show objects along the perimeter of her property that look suspiciously like the infamous sonic fence used to protect New Otherton from the Smoke Monster in the TV show LOST.

    The paranoia parallels between Streisand and MSFT are amusing.

  4. You need to visit one of our iconic Microsoft Stores to see what the world of Windows provides for the Music Composer of today.

    No one needs an overpriced Apple anymore to create or enjoy good music.

    1. “No one needs an overpriced Apple anymore to create or enjoy good music.”

      You see that’s your problem: Microsoft settles (more like hopes) for good.

      Apple never settles. We always get great.

    2. Microsoft was convicted of antitrust behavior. Looks like they haven’t gotten over it. And if you would like to see the original prototype for a Computer Store. See Apple. Ten years ago. Nice to see Microsoft on the cutting edge.

  5. And maybe if they just close their eyes and wish real hard the Macs will just go away.

    God knows nothing else they’ve produced in the last ten years has worked any better.

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