It’s official: Apple announces ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ event on October 4th

Apple today officially announced a special invitation-only media event to be conducted at company headquarters in Cupertino, CA on Tuesday, October 4 at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern:

Most rumors expect a next-gen iPhone, along with the public release of iOS 5.

The next-gen iPhone is rumored to sport an 8-megapixel camera, an Apple A5 processor, 1GB RAM, dual mode GSM/CDMA “world phone” capability, and availability on the Sprint network in the US. Voice control technology is also rumored, based on Apple’s acquisition of Siri and use of Nuance technology.

Some analysts believe Apple will also update iPod touch this year, perhaps introducing a version with a 3G data connection. Such an announcement may come separately or maybe as “One more thing…”

The invitation:

Apple special media event, Let's Talk iPhone, October 4, 2011

MacDailyNews Take: Let’s talk [to] iPhone.

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        1. True to some degree.
          Yet when deciphering the symbology…

          Tuesday, Oct the 4th, 2011 at 10:00 am, 1 Infinite Loop
          Cupertino, CA 95014, there is 1 thing you need to hear.

        2. Why would 1 indicate the time when displayed on a phone icon? If Apple wanted to be cute then they could have set the time on the clock icon. It is 10 am Pacific time. If Apple wanted to show a time then they would surely show the time in the correct time zone!

        3. I think you are being funny – silly you.

          “to be conducted at company headquarters in Cupertino, CA on Tuesday, October 4 at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern”

          Only icon in question is the 1 notification on the green button with the phone.

          It could imply – iOS has better notifications – rejoice.
          It could indicate – 1 voice message to hear.
          It could be – we are the number 1 phone.


        So yes, the the talks of any iPadTouch Updates could really turn into the low end phone. Wait and See.

        The iPhone 5 protective casings are everywhere in China.

        I bet Apple will tell us that the iPhone 5 will start shipping exclusively to China first – since, potentially Apple could profit most in that region of the world and coinciding with the new Apple Sores there in China also.

        When announcing shipment is shall be like this:

        OCTOBER 14th, 2011

        – CHINA
        – USA
        – and CANADA

        OCTOBER 30th, 2001

        – ENGLAND
        – GERMANY
        – etc.

        1. It is just like APPLE to say – no – not two phones…

          but we have equipped and updated the iPOD TOUCH with some basic phone capabilities – its our low level phone if you like to think of it that way… but we here at APPLE believe its a upgrade to the iPOD TOUCH.
          FaceTime, Messeger and now Phone.

          NOW HERE IS THE all new iPhone 5.

          Monday, 26th September 2011, 04:09 pm

          The ‘iPhone 4S’ is said to a have bill of material cost lower than $150 letting Apple sell the device for between $300 and $350 without a subsidy. The device is described as a essentially an 8GB iPod touch with a cellular antenna.

    1. Not too likely. The state of the art for 4G chips just isn’t up to spec. Existing 4G phones only get a half day battery life (with any kind of reasonable use) and normally have huge bloated bodies to accommodate massive batteries. And even that requires switching off all other services and background processing. Apple customers expect it to “just work” and do it with wifi, BT and dozens of background notification services & processes running (all in a slender compact case!)
      Not to mention, that in truth current “4G” systems ‘aint really 4G (a small fraction of real 4G bandwidth) and outside a handful of metro areas coverage is spotty to (mostly) nonexistent

      Give the 4G infrastructure and the chipsets another year or two to mature, then it will actually be worth having.

    2. 4G is not there yet. My friend switched from iPhone and was bragging about his new Droid Bionic (a lemon). After returning 2 defective units for a working one, he realized that all the errors and the horrible battery life were still part of the Android User Experience. Don’t believe the hype.

      1. The badge on the Phone app means a couple of things: missed call or voice message.

        Maybe it means that the iPhone is the top selling phone in the market (iPhone 4 is top seller at AT&T and Verizon. iPhone 3Gs is the second top seller at AT&T.) iPhone 5 will be KING!!

  1. “Let’s talk, iPhone”. — Makes it nearly a sure thing that the recently rumored “Assistant” crafted from the Siri purchase will be a big selling point.

    Note the rumor said that the Assistant would only be available on iPhone 5 because of RAM needs, A5 needs…

    Suggests to me that NFC won’t be in there, nor much else besides nicer camera and A5.

    iP6 will be LTE & NFC… When?

    1. It is already “any carrier”. Isn’t it? Just buy an unlocked iPhone 4 straight from the apple store…..tell them if you want a CDMA or a 3G….go to your carrier…get a plan….and your done! What am I missing?

  2. Is there anything else in this world that gives that special
    feeling more than an Apple Event? It’s that Santa is coming go get the milk and cookies, let’s stay up all nite.
    Who among us can deny that they can hardly wait for the
    next magic trick to appear?

  3. This is like Dan Brown’s Angels&Demons. (Dan was a high school classmate of mine) The invite is just like Galileo’s Path of Enlightenment. You have to decipher the invite to get to the presentation. If you can’t, you don’t belong. Of course, they made it a very low bar since they’re inviting tech journalists and financial analysts.

  4. iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, 3g iPod – hmmm…

    Anyone think that maybe the iPhone 4s IS the iPod 3G, and it will be released alongwith a newly designed iPhone (5)? Or could this new teardrop designed iPhone actually be an updated iPod with 3G?

    1. LOLWUT? There’s no way Apple would release both a low-price iPhone AND a 3G iPod, they are pretty much the same.

      The real question is: Is there even going to be a budget iPhone?

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