Apple is quietly disintermediating Google in mobile search

“Apple is not building a web search engine — yet, that I know of,” Dan Frommer writes for SplatF. “But through its new, voice-controlled mobile ‘Assistant’ feature in iOS 5, Apple could change the way people think of searching, building search-and-retrieve directly into the iOS user interface.”

“The important idea is that Apple is getting between you and Google in your mobile searches, by teaching you a new behavior,” Frommer writes. “Apple can then route those search queries and results however it wants — to Google, directly into iOS apps, to mobile websites, to Apple services, to iTunes, etc. Google doesn’t need to necessarily play a role. And that’s potentially dangerous to Google, which still gets the vast majority of its profits from search advertising.”

Frommer writes, “It’s also another reason why Android is actually very important to Google.”

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  1. Considering that Google quite literally stabbed Apple in the back by planting a mole in the Apple boardroom, I’m surprised that Apple hasn’t already replaced Google search on the iPhone and iPad.

    1. Unless Steve Jobs were the physical embodiment of Apple and Schmidt physically plunged a real knife into Jobs’ back, it’s still “figuratively” no matter how you slice it.

      Back on topic, what’s your preferred alternative for search? Bing? Yahoo? Neither are as good, and Apple should not compromise by going with second best just because of corporate politics.

  2. Just introduce/restore a natural behaviour pattern of how humans search/explore and expect to view/find the results, Apple. Something that will seem so fundamental and “non-computing” like, that it will make Google search seem inelegant, mechanical, outdated, cumbersome and, thereby, unnecessary in a stark comparison.

    IOW: Don’t compete, don’t kill, just make it unnecessary and joyfully replaceable.

  3. Only a matter or time til Apple takes Google down … but that’s if the fed’s anti-trust agents or the patent courts don’t do it first.

    Google has made a ton of enemies on its way up. It’s best friend is Verizon, which will turn on it in a heartbeat for the right price.

  4. This is sounding a bit to me like the ol’ Sherlock app on Mac OS 9 and X (past releases). I’m not sure the “natural language/aggregation/intermediary” approach will work better this time than before. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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