NASA wants you and your smartphone

“NASA wants you and your smartphone to help it address global problems,” Adam Mann reports for Wired.

“On Sept. 20, the agency announced the International Space Apps Competition asking scientists, engineers, and ordinary citizens to develop apps for smartphones, desktops, and websites that use publicly released scientific data to study things like weather-related hazards and other pressing issues,” Mann reports. “Developers are asked to get involved and come up with ideas that make use of NASA’s large database in novel ways.”

Mann reports, “Already, new plans are being posted to website. One user suggests using satellite imaging data to study growth patterns around cities and plan infrastructure for future growth, while another proposes creating a public catalog of Earth science observations to assist in climate modeling and weather analysis.”

More info the full article here.

[Attribution: Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. NASA is one of the best investments the USA can make, as opposed to The War Machine, which has irreparably damaged the nation as well as its reputation around the world. An incredibly amount of technology has been created and developed specifically because of USA investments in NASA.

      However, there are plenty of ways to waste money invested in NASA. The ‘Space Race’ is a terrific example. Thankfully that BS is over. Instead the whole world is cooperating in science whereby the USA contributes to and benefits from technology around the planet.

      Also note that nothing trumps the end of poverty in the USA. There is no point in tossing money into space when people are dying down on Earth from the choices of irresponsible morons in power. I’m ranting at you Neo-Con-Jobs. 😛

      1. Yup, tons of tech goodies. Like a pen that works in zero gravity. Russia’s solution? Pencil. Keep It Simple, Stupid. Love NASA, but they aren’t perfect. Same with Apple. Ping? Poop!

        1. Whoever said that NASA was perfect. But that pen has sold a lot of copies over the years – boosted the economy, I’m sure! Take a look at the NASA spinoffs over the past 50 years and I think that you will find much of the material that fostered technology development in the U.S.

          NASA’s total budget is around $18B. The U.S. military is about $560B – about a factor of 30. The space budget for the U.S. military is larger than NASA’s budget by a factor of two or so. We are paying about $600B just in friggin’ interest on the debt each year, and that is at low interest rates. If those interest rates go up substantially, the U.S. economy craters in an attempt to feed the debt or by default.

          Honestly, if you are going to blow a few $B, where better than NASA?

          1. IF you crash your car into a tree, you can then take it to a junkyard, take it apart, and sell lots of components on ebay!

            You, and everyone else, advocating for NASA is telling us how great the things it produces are, but you’re never accounting for he costs.

            If NASA had never existed, we’d have gotten the iPhone in 1997, the internet in the 1970s, the personal computer in the 1960s, etc.

            Most of the NASA money went to solving problems that were specific to getting to the moon in a race with the russians… and have provided no benefit for everyone else.

            It’s amazing that people can’t do simple math.

            But, hey, if you go buy a BMW to crash, you’ll make even more from ebay!

            1. You do realize that govt, is not in the business FOR-PROFIT right?

              There are just some things private corporations neither have the will or ability to do. You think private companies could have sent us to space or launched the Hubble?

              Private companies are in the business of profit for shareholders, so they undervalue workers so they can underpay them, they lay off workers to protect profit, skirt the law to avoid fines, break the law, hire lobbyists to protect their interests and basically bribe senators to adjust the tax code in their favor.

              Companies are too interested in making money to care about the needs of society. They do not maintain the roads you drive on to get to your precious office job, bring your children to school, provide the service to call when you are having a heart attack, or keep the environment clean so your kids will grow up healthy….

              See engineer, there is no money to profit from when govt keeps the USA running while corporate america pays no AMERICAN taxes. They pay other countries, even APPL has money sitting offshore waiting to repatriate at the cost of 5% instead of the usually 35%.

      1. Tcm Excellent!!!

        Got one with the “entitlement programs” the con artists like to rail against? Perhaps their feeble minds can understand pictures.

        Let’s not forget that we absolutely cannot have any part of the red on the table for cuts, they must come at the expense of science & the backs of the poor and elderly.

        1. You’re a fucking idiot.

          Shut down both. NASA and the military budget.

          You leftist douchebags voted for Obama and now we’re in even MORE wars!

          That Military Budget is all your fault, douchebags… and I don’t see you cutting it, I see you wanting to raise taxes so you can blow more money on the military.

          1. @”Engineer” – I am neither a “leftist” nor a “liberal” and certainly not an Obama supporter, in fact I totally have no sympathy to any politician in any color or flavor… BUT, I am a strong supporter of the Space Program. It’s a shameful fact that the US Space program was born fueled by the rivalry of the Cold War, but one has to see beyond that. The tremendous by-products that the Space Program have contributed to our lives is numerous. Space exploration is an agenda that humans must never put it inside a file cabinet, whether is manned or unmanned, specially Americans.

    2. While I don’t think man space flight is that viable at this stage, instruments in space and the ground, such as telescopes, and unmanned probes to the other planets, moons, and the sun are providing science with abundant knowledge and understanding of the universe and, more practically, how our own planet works.

  1. Way to go Derek. May intelligence have SOME role in the national (even the MDN) discourse. It’s only a matter of time, I think, before even a college education is looked at as suspect among the right fringe.

    1. People who have an education have the potential to *think* for themselves (although far too few seize the opportunity). Independent thinking is the bane of the far right, because their platform doesn’t hold up under close scrutiny.

      Come on, “job producers!” Start producing! You got your Bush tax cuts renewed!

      1. Aw you too are too much common sense for the republitards.. They got everything they wanted over 30 years and now bitching a moderate president can’t fix the problems in 2 years…

        Bush Tax Cuts, No Child Left Behind, 2 illegal wars kept off of the books, Trickle Down Economics, Deregulation of Coal, Oil & Gas, falling infrastructure, Oil Subsidies to the most profitable businesses that need no tax cuts…

        That is just the tip of the Iceberg, so yea you can blame liberals if say they do not have the balls to stand-up against a party that wants to let an uninsured coma victim die, boo a gay army ranger (but they LOVE they TROOPS!), and clap when mentioned that Rick Perry killed 234 men in jail, a couple who have been proven they were innocent. So those compassionate conservatives just are the spitting image of Christ…

        Does your twisted logic give you scoliosis? Pro-life, but pro-death penalty and pro-war? that more like Half-Pro-Life. I mean wow, you guys are really disturbed.

  2. Competition is a good thing. Liberals think we should all just make a big circle and sing Kumbaia!… while China is working tireless to become the greatest super power on earth, then turning the world into one big communist super Gulag!

    The first app that is developed to address today’s most urgent need will get my applause…. remove the clueless blabbering numbskull from the White House… Ohbummer!

    1. Right…we are all hippies from the 1960s. Are you joking? You actually have the gall to assert that you are more “patriotic” than me, or more capable of making reasoned decisions? You think that my beliefs have somehow boosted China? You somehow believe that the Republican candidates aren’t blabbering? Look at them attempting to dodge their own records to seem more conservative than the next one.

      You are uberstupid.

    2. Obama may not be what many people hoped he would be as a leader. But he makes Bush, Perry, Bachmann, Ron Paul, and most of the rest look very bad in comparison. There are a couple of legitimate Republican candidates, but in order to get nominated they will have to repudiate science and sell their souls to the far righteous. You whined about Bush getting blamed for a lot of things, then you turn around and blame absolutely everything on Obama. Bunch of damn hypocrites.

    3. Yeah and this has what to do with nasa and developers using the massive amounts of information they have?

      Oh thats right nothing.

      If you are so concerned with where things are headed then quit rambling a constant dribble of complaints and get busy.

      The way the political comments on here flood in its obvious that it will not matter what party or person wins cause you and a load of others will still be here bitching and blaming someone.

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