Verizon CEO expects Windows Phone to beat BlackBerry as third major smartphone platform

“Verizon head Lowell McAdam’s turn at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference saw him make the unusual claim that Windows Phone would pass the BlackBerry,” Electronista reports.

“Echoing AT&T’s call for a third major smartphone platform, he didn’t see RIM as being the one to fill that role. The larger struggle would shake itself out in about a year, and RIM’s current position wouldn’t guarantee that it would be third after the battle,” Electronista reports. ‘In my opinion, it’ll be between RIM and Microsoft, and I expect Microsoft to come out victorious,’ McAdam said at the New York City event.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Worse bets have been made. Yes, folks, even Microsoft can beat a walking corpse.


  1. If the status quo remains, then McAdams is right. This all hinges on whether RIM can do anything with a new OS that people actually like. Microsoft is set with Windows Phone 7, but developers don’t seem too eager to write apps for it.

    If RIM can get a decent OS with a good set of APIs out there, it might just recover to remain #3. BIG if.

  2. My stepson got a HTC Windows 7 phone for $0.00 on a one year $30 per month contract in Canada.

    In Canada that is virtually giving the hardware away.

    Of course, Microsoft an HTC will make it up in volume.

  3. Since Verizon had a big part in the demise of Blackberry in N America, when they stopped promoting it and started promoting Droid, I’d say he’s probably 100% right, seeing as he controls almost half the US market.

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