Samsung seeks ban of iPhone and iPad in The Netherlands

“Samsung Electronics has hit Apple with four patent cases in district court in The Hague, Netherlands, demanding a sales ban and a retail recall of all Apple products that use 3G technology,” Andreas Udo de Haes reports for IDG News Service.

“The first hearing in the case is scheduled for Monday. Samsung in The Netherlands is demanding a preliminary injunction against all mobile products of Apple ‘specifically iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 1, and iPad 2,'” Udo de Haes reports. “All these devices infringe four of Samsung’s essential 3G patents, the Korea-based tech giant claims in the complaints, which Webwereld, a Dutch IDG publication, has viewed.”

Udo de Haes reports, “Samsung is seeking a ban in The Netherlands on importing, trading and sales by Apple and five Apple subsidiaries. Additionally, Samsung wants Apple to recall all infringing devices in stock from its “professional customers,” including electronics stores like Media Markt, where Apple has set up a shop-in-a-shop business.”

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    1. Not a nice thing to say (about Korea and Koreans).

      A quick tip about inter-cultural discussion: when you put a word ‘idiot’ right next to a word denoting a specific large group (ethnic, religious, political, etc), you are equating the two. In your example, you declared Koreans idiots (which, I am assuming, wasn’t your intention; hopefully, you were only declaring Samsung idiots). That is simply not polite.

  1. It seems to me that Samsung chose the Netherlands because they saw a favourable ruling there on the issue of EU-wide ban against them issued by a German court earlier.

    For those who hadn’t followed the case, German court issued a ruling that banned Samsung from selling their Galaxy devices in Germany, and, at the time, by extension, throughout the EU. A Dutch court subsequently ruled that an EU-wide ban is not appropriate, since Apple had sued Samsung Germany, so the ruling should be confined to Germany. Samsung must have read this ruling as a signal that the Dutch court may be favouring them over Apple.

    It is quite likely that they are totally wrong on this.

  2. They have caused so many problems just so they can sell products they never would have envisioned. How much has this cost in money? Sounds like a lot more than they made. But, I guest if you want the right to copy or take someone’s ideas for free, I guest you have to fight for the right.

  3. “essential” patents are ones included in the 3G standard. These are already licensed by whatever radio chip Apple uses, whether it’s Qualcomm or someone else’s. Further, as part of a standard, Samsung is required to license under FRAND terms, Fair and Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory, that is, they can’t stop Apple from using the patents as long as Apple pays, the Fair and Reasonable fee, that everyone pays. But, since Qualcomm or someone else is already paying the fee, Samsung is just pissing in the wind. I hope the judge spends 10 seconds reading this complaint and throwing it out with prejudice.

  4. I say we bring out the heavy artillery.
    Time to talk about a retail boycott of all Samsung products.
    With the popularity of Apple in the States and oversees I think
    such a movement could take off surprisingly. It could bring Samsung to their knees in 3 months.

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