Meg Whitman = Ronald Reagan?

Meg Whitman’s “slight computing background doesn’t matter, H-P Chairman Ray Lane has been saying since Whitman was tapped yesterday as H-P CEO,” Shira Ovide blogs for The Wall Street Journal. “Yesterday, Ray Lane said Whitman has plenty of experience because she bought tons of IT when she was eBay CEO. Ok, that’s pretty thin. Anything else, Ray?”

Ovide reports, “Today, on CNBC, Lane has another take on Whitman coming into a very different field: ‘Ronald Reagan was an actor. He was a pretty good president,’ Lane told David Faber. ‘Leaders are leaders. Meg is a leader.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


    1. I love how people on the right quote Reagan like he’s some sort of god, yet he wouldn’t even be allowed into today’s ultra-rightwing Republican Tea fest. They’d call him a RINO and yell at him to go back to California.

        1. Did you think that it magically just crept up now? The last decade has been disastrous for all but the wealthy. Let’s see, who was President for 8 of those 10 years? Oh, Bush II, that’s right. But no, it has to be totally Obama’s fault.

          You really need to get out more and look at a bigger picture; open your mind more than your myopic screeds suggest you have.

          1. The last two years of the Bush administration, Democrats controlled the House and Senate. That’s precisely when the country went to hell in a handbasket.

            Learn how the U.S. government works, then get back to me. Don’t vote again until you do.

            1. Ummm, the spending on all the wars, the loss of the surplus and the cuts that are still in place happened way before what you’re stating. Amnesia is what the Republicans are counting on and sadly most Americans suffer it these days.

    1. “What makes him think a middle-aged actor, who’s played with a chimp, could have a future in politics?” — Reagan on Clint Eastwood’s bid to become mayor of Carmel, CA.

  1. Let’s see, flopping from wannabe Communist to corporate lackey, historic deficits, S&L catastrophe, deteriorating image in the rest of the world, creeping dementia. Yeah, I think she’s up to that.

  2. Ronald Reagan = Ronald Reagan. Period

    Nobody else is close to him, and not a chance for Meg to be.

    Remind me, what does this hav to do with apple news? She coming to apple after she closes hp’s doors?

  3. I rarely comment, but I must…

    If Whitman runs HP like eBay, here’s what we’ll experience.

    1. Bunker mentality. Ever try to find a phone number for eBay?

    2. CEO Knows Best: I’ve been a recipient of PayPal / eBay arbitration. Guy with 11 positives won over me with 797 positives, 100%. He reports a claim two weeks after he gets the Mac mini I sold him, then complains, I fight it, eBay finds for him, I get a damaged mini back.

    3. Watered down product: Look what eBay was, and what it is now.

    4. Luck: Whitman got lucky, not so fast with HP.

    I don’t think Whitman can do it. Best she can hope for is to get fired in a year, get a $25 Million severance, and put money back in her bank account from the $150 million on a failed campaign for Governor.

    1. So, the person who created a successful electronic garage sale (that is now garbage, as you explained) is now going to run HP.

      God help the poor souls at HP. Misters Hewlett and Packard are rolling over in their graves.

      Absolutely disgusting. Why don’t they try to get Michael Dell or Steve Ballmer.

  4. why. Does the GOP elevate reagan to god status? If he were running today, based on his policies, he would be considered a centrist democrat by the GOP…after all, he raised taxes…a GOP no-no! It’s sort of like religion I guess…selective memory…take only what u want and pretend the rest never happened…

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