EA offers Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 app for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch for free

“Despite the lack of a special occasion, Electronic Arts is hosting a ‘Big iPad Game Sale’, and has slashed the price on a number of its best tablet titles for this weekend only,” Anthony Usher reports for Pocket Gamer.

MacDailyNews Note: 90% off select iPad games in the UK; 70% off in the U.S.

“And, in celebration of the PGA Tour Championships, you can now grab Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for your iPhone and iPad completely free of charge,” Usher reports.

Read more in the full article here.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12:
• iPhone and iPod touch
• iPad


  1. Actually it’s freeappaday.com that made it free today..
    Got the notification earlier.

    I could care less about golf, and video golf even less.. But many say this series is the best out there.

      1. Right on Dave. When did people confuse the correct term of couldn’t car less with the incorrect could care less. You see that more and more. Of course in fact I couldn’t care less how many do not understand.

        1. “couldn’t car less”
          not sure wut that means..

          and just fyi when you do NOT type “couldnt” on an iOS device… OMFG it “corrects” it to Could…the “T” didn’t register, I just typed “Couldn” and it changed to Could on my iPad… I type fast on my iPhone, words get screwed up a lot. some letters don’t get typed, and I could care less to proof reed on some posts.

          and before you go ballistic, read my other post above.
          Once you point it out, I KNOW it annoys you… so I do it more. 😉

      1. incorrect.
        “3.FAAD collaborates with top iPhone developers and ask them to make their app free for 24H.”

        you two are thinking of apps/sites like Appshopper.com that REPORT on price drops..

        every app that Faad gets a price drop on, the app has a different paragraph on the app, stating HOW the app was made free…

        “Download the @FreeAppADay Store App and wish for more top rated apps like TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR to become Free for A day!”

        OH NOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I was right.

        1. I guess sometimes it doesn’t pay to be so brief.

          ““3.FAAD collaborates with top iPhone developers and ask them to make their app free for 24H.”

          The point I was trying to make is that it’s up to the “PUBLISHER” to decide to make the app available for free. “you two”…..”I was right”….

          Damn proud of yourself aren’t you?

  2. Does the game crash due to programming errors, then blame the OS? That would mirror the namesake…

    “Smails? I”ll just cut his hamstring. He’ll push everything to the right. He’ll quit the game.”

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