Oracle seeks injunction against Android distribution as an ‘incompatible clone of Java’

“Oracle’s comments in its infringement lawsuit against Google’s Android platform has revealed that the company is seeking not just royalties, but a legal order stopping the distribution of Android entirely,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider. “Oracle and Google are deadlocked in settlement talks ordered by the judge overseeing the case, according to a report by FOSS Patents blogger Florian Mueller.”

“Mueller analysis of the talks suggests that Google hopes to postpone any settlement with Oracle until its acquisition of Motorola Mobility is finalized, with the intent of filing retaliatory countersuits against Oracle,” Dilger reports. “However, Mueller separately notes that while Oracle has calculated demands for past damages, including patent damages, copyright damages and a share of Google’s profits as an infringer, it is not detailing future damages in the form of an ongoing royalty, similar to the fees Microsoft has negotiated with Android licensees such as HTC.”

“Instead, Oracle notes in a filing that it ‘intends to strenuously pursue injunctive relief to resolve the key issue in this case: whether Google can use Oracle’s intellectual property to create an incompatible clone of Java and thereby undermine Oracle’s and many others’ investments in ‘write once, run anywhere,'” Dilger reports. “If future royalties are applied, it is well established that they should be based on a separate, post-verdict assessment.”

Dilger reports, “Mueller explains that this means Oracle views Android as a fragmentation of Java, and that rather than seeking future royalties, it would prefer to see an injunction that would either force Google to create an entirely new platform for Android that does not infringe Java (a massive investment that would render all existing Android software obsolete), or to apparently to recognize Android as Java, involving steep Oracle licensing costs for the platform going forward.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Google, you robbing, desperate, short-sighted, scum-sucking, greedy, cheating, lying, fool. With all the money you have, you couldn’t write your own code, couldn’t negotiate a license for patent use and couldn’t pay to settle the terms of all of your violations. The only thing you innovated is the little green Android gimmick that looks looks like a garbage can.

    1. Updating word Tiles on Win8 forTablet is a poor design. Common squares with words that’s an interface?

      It will die also… Apple has rights to all touch entry from fingerworks… Microsoft should be developing pen entry hahahaha or speech driven only devices then it’s innovating.

  2. Meanwhile, Anacle is all over Microsoft about that Zune infringement.

    “Paperwork for injunctive relief is being rolled out at this moment” fumed their legal team of Johnson, Hardin, Long…..

    1. Say all you want but the proof is that Google stole..stole.. Stole..

      Larry does not need Steve to hand hold him or be his bud, as we all see with our own eyes and have read in countless documents Google has stolen and used this code, being arrogant and knowing that that should have gotten a license and didn’t .

      I can’t see how this is Larry doing Steve a favor, just because they have a pat dosnt make these assumptions true.

      Larry is protecting his companies investment just like any good CEO would, he needs to answer to the board and stock holder just like anyone else.

      And to be clear buisness is business, it has nothing to do with friendship.

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