Apple sued by Via Technologies over U.S. patents for microprocessors

“Apple Inc., the world’s biggest technology company by value, was sued by Taiwan’s Via Technologies Inc. (2388) for allegedly infringing three U.S. patents for microprocessors used in mobile phones and tablet computers,” Phil Milford reports for Bloomberg.

“Via, a semiconductor maker based in Taipei, seeks a jury trial and an order to prohibit Cupertino, California-based Apple from selling products containing the inventions in the U.S., according to a complaint filed yesterday in federal court in Wilmington, Delaware,” Milford reports. “‘The products at issue generally concern microprocessors included in a variety of electronic products such as certain smartphones, tablet computers, portable media players and other computing devices,’ Via said in the complaint.”

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  1. What? At this point, Apple doesn’t manufacture chips. Shouldn’t their complaint be filed against the manufacturer of the chips?

    Anyone else getting tired of these parasites yet?

    1. … it isn’t the manufacturer who is to blame, but the designer. Still, are these chips (the ‘A’ series) not based on other chips? Chip designs not owned by Via? There was not enough info in the article, I can’t tell if these patents are also against the base chip family or just against Apple’s own proprietary input/overlay to those designs.

  2. Gotta love how everyone cries foul whenever Apple is sued, because we all know Apple would never infringe on someone else’s trademark or patent. Except when Apple really wants something, like the name “iPhone” or “iCloud”, or like the infringement case Apple paid a bunch of money to Nokia to settle.

    It’s very, very difficult to be a tech company and not infringe on someone else’s IP.

    1. Your a idiot. Just STFU and stop getting your news on Android sites.

      Apple designed more innovations then any other company that is doing mobile technology, but idiots like you think they stole it all due to poor research or just a plain hatred for everything Apple.

      Oh, and it was cisco that Apple purchased the iPhone name from, iCloud was a done dealmfar earlier then was reported and only the name was purchased from the EU company, now in the US, the company that sued Apple, icloud comm droped the case and changed there name cause they didn’t register it.

      And with nokia, the where found to not given fair cost to use with FRAND guidelines, the documents where sealed but it is a fact that Apple was given a fair deal after the court case that Nokia filed.

      Do some research and read court documents before throwing out false assumption and information., bizlaw- you failed and you need to take biz law all over again due to sleeping and idiocy.

  3. The Apple chips are ARM processors from ARM technology in the West of England. They will have their own patent pool for these chips, so I can’t see how they can be infringing some other set of patents. It’s like trolls trying to get infringement payouts for cell radio tech from Apple. The radios Apple use aren’t made by Apple, so how the hell can Apple infringe patents on tech used by most phone manufacturers?
    Bogus, bogus-er, bogus-est.

    1. This probably amounts to:
      1) Patent trolling.
      2) Going after money from the BIG FISH rather than bothering with the source technology at ARM, if in fact Via has any suit in the first place.

      But I’m waiting to see some details before judgement. So far we know next to nothing.

  4. Funny how we hear constantly how Apple is sued by this or that company, but we rarely hear how such suits turn out. I think that speaks volumes about the seriousness of these lawsuits.


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