All Nippon Airways to deploy 6,000 Apple iPads to train stewards

“Air travel may not be quite as glamorous as it used to be, but All Nippon Airways Co. flight attendants may soon attract the envy of other stewards,” Yoree Koh reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“The Japanese carrier said this week it will arm each of the company’s roughly 6,000 flight attendants with an iPad tablet, a move that could reduce training costs by about ¥200 million ($2.6 million), according to the Nikkei business daily,” Koh reports. “During training, ANA flight attendants are required to constantly carry the company’s official but bulky training manual.”

Koh reports, “A trial group of about 700 attendants will start next month. The rest will get their new toys in April.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Flyboy” for the heads up.]

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    1. I think it’s when you say Nips or Japs it’s considered a slur because you’re shortening it from the proper term. Nippon or Nihon is acceptable.
      日本 can be pronounced Nihon or Nippon.

  1. Great news that companies are using intelligence to apply the best technology to save money and improve services. It’s a wonder that many other companies aren’t adopting the same practice and instead wasting resources and money.

      1. That certainly is the well stated politically correct party line, bet’s get real. Those words were not created to demean. The fact is that those words carry more data, and are thus more efficient. I understand the reasons to eliminate gender specific words, but is wrong to call them silly. You notice that necessity to jettison these words only applies to humans. Mare/stallion, doe/stag, hen/rooster. These words are used still unashamedly because they efficiently convey more data about the subject than than do the general terms such as horse, deer or chicken.

        1. Other languages seem much less susceptible to these PC purges. So, in German, you have:

          Teacher: Lehrer — Leherin (masculine – feminine)
          Mail carrier: Briefträger — Briefträgerin
          Firefighter: Feuerwehrmann — Feuerwehrfrau

          In Russian:

          Teacher: учитель – учитель — учительница
          Mail carrier: почтальон — почтальонa
          Firefighter: пожарный — пожарная

          Most other European languages have same gender precision, and it is only in English, in the 90’s that this gender definition purge started happening.

  2. Why do these idiot writers insist on calling Apple products “toys?” Obviously, ANA doesn’t think they are “toys.”

    Meanwhile, US airlines are deploying cattle prods so flight attendants can herd the passengers off and turn the planes around faster.

  3. so what are those tech journalists and anal-lysts who pontificate that Apple devices are not suited for enterprise going to say about this? (or about Lowe’s buying 17,000 iPads for their store staff… )

    1. Those narrow-minded, short-sighted jackasses are being proved wrong on a daily basis along with those same jackasses who said the automobile and television were a passing fad. Instead of slowing down, iPad adoption seems to be snowballing. If Steve Jobs had listened to the naysayers, well, Steve never listened to idiots, so all is right in Appleland.

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