iPhone trade-in volume spikes alongside iPhone 5 rumors

“In the last two weeks, capped off by Wednesday morning’s report that the announcement of the new device may come on Oct. 4, there’s been a rather sudden uptick in people looking to sell their old iPhones,” Erica Ogg reports for GigaOM.

“Gadget trade-in site Gazelle.com said Wednesday morning that as iPhone 5 rumors have flown fast and furious that number has risen 85 percent,” Ogg reports. “On Tuesday Gazelle saw its highest iPhone trade-in volume since last year, when the iPhone 4 was still new and many were upgrading.”

Ogg reports, “‘It’s really unprecedented behavior,’ Gazelle’s chief gadget officer Anthony Scarsella said. ‘Usually gadget owners, especially with phones, they wait [to sell back] until the new one is announced.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.”for the heads up.]


  1. From our personal experience I sold my husbands’ 3GS for $400.00 on Craigs List. I believe this was more of an exception because the buyer was selling them to buyers in Croatia, Hungary and even to the French where is from. The model was a black 8 gig in perfect condition.There is a large market abroad fir these phones.

  2. What are these brilliant traders using UNTIL they can get the iPhone 5? And what happens if they’re wrong? What if Apple isn’t going to release an iPhone 5 and only an upgraded iPhone 4s? They will be stuck with a iPhone 4s until their contract runs out when the iPhone 5 DOES finally comes out… not good planning on their part. Oh, well…

    1. Out of curiosity I went to the Gazelle site. I have a white, 16 gig perfect condition phone and got an offer of $116.00. I’m not selling it because I love the design and will retain it in my little Apple Museum at home.I love this design and I just hope Apple comes out with something striking in design, perhaps slimmer and more tapered. So I wait with great anticipation and will purchase it unlocked through Apple.

      1. I agree. iPhone 4 has got to be one of Apple’s best designs ever, and it will be hard for them to top it. I have never felt more ambivalent about upgrading an Apple product, even with the slower cycle this time. Of course, I probably will, and give my wife the 4 to replace her 3GS.

        1. Sorry I was referring to my 3GS model. From my personal experience and this has nothing to with contracts or anything, but I wasn’t thrilled by the iPhone 4 design. A little too clunky for me. My husband loves his and would agree with you. I’m still hoping for what I posted above. Slimmer and more tapered design in white as all of my iPhones have been.

          1. Slimmer, more tapered, smaller battery, compromised battery life, poorer performance…
            I would stick with the 3Gs, you obviously don’t want a phone that works and performs better than what you’ve got, which the 4 clearly does, and the 5 should be even better, providing Apple ignore the desires of people like you. Those of us who use our phones all day every day want something that’s robust, and solid to hold, and gets a decent days use from the battery.

  3. iPhone 4 is still in its two-year contract period. Most of the iPhone upgraders are “trading in” iPhone 3GS, which only started to go “off contract” a few months ago.

    There should be a glut of used iPhone 3GS during the next few months. It’s still a perfectly fine smart phone (that is being sold as new right now). I’m buying one of them, to use with my pre-paid AT&T GoPhone account… 🙂

    I got my current (original) iPhone for $115 (about 15 months ago). I’m hoping for a price under $150 for an iPhone 3GS.

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