Samsung mulls legal action to ban sales of Apple iPhone 5 in Europe

“Samsung Electronics Co is considering legal action to ban sales of Apple’s new iPhone, a source familiar with the matter said on Tuesday, in what could be its strongest step to defend against claims by the U.S. firm that the South Korean firm had copied its product designs,” Miyoung Kim reports for Reuters.

“The source declined to elaborate further on where Samsung planned to take legal actions and the Maeil Business Newspaper reported that the South Korean firm may seek injunction request on Apple’s new iPhone in Europe,” Kim reports. “Apple has not produced a new version of its best-selling iPhone for more than a year. The product is crucial for the world’s No.1 smartphone maker to keep its strong sales momentum as Samsung is quickly closing on the gap with its Galaxy line of products.”

Kim reports, “Media reports have said Apple’s product will go one sale in October.”

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  1. I really hope Samsung succeeds in this. I was a big iPhone fan but after hearing Apple trying to sue the world over every single simple thing from it’s phone it’s made me sick of them and their stupid phone.

    1. So if you spent years of your life working hard and investing tons of money into something that was a success and patented it, you’d be cool with other people stealing your idea, and making money off of it at your peril?

    2. Actually, they are doing anything but “…trying to sue the world over every single simple thing…” That’s a gross mischaracterization or misunderstanding.

      I would say they are taking strategic-level, targeted lawsuits in a well-considered plan for winning cases that will make a statement that other potential infringers will see.

      They could easily double or triple their lawsuits in an incoherent fashion, but that’s not what they’re doing.

      AAPL is not an amateur player, and their legal talent isn’t either.

    3. Kynos65 is absolutely right. What Samsung is doing is outright thievery, and no way should Apple stand by and let Samsung (or any other slavish copycat) get away with it. Let them come up with their own great ideas or keep making the boring crap they were making before the iPhone came along.

    4. You need to pay attention to Apple haters spreading their “honest opinions” here. They invaded many PC sites with the same “arguments” and I can see that here too. They wont ever stop.

      It is obvious they are messing with you and enjoying it. They never had any Apple product.

    5. The reason Apple is suing is the is the shameless theft of their IP. Apple is the most ripped-off company on earth, and they’ve been soft on legal defense in the past. So every cockroach in the business thinks its okay to copy Apple’s genius. I’m sick of it, and finally the company is doing something about it. Please get an android, you don’t deserve Apple products.

    6. Sorry App Geek but that’s a naive, foolish and stupid thing to say. Apple is not flexing it’s legal muscle to abusively quelch competition but to protect it’s hard work, designs and innovations that cost billions to produce. It’s what any company would do with such blatant copying infringements or risk losing their uniqueness. Apple has always said “bring it on, just make it your own.”. At least Microsoft has done exactly that, love or leave it.

      And I’d like to know how the childishly vindictive Samsung has a legal leg to stand on here. It’s like the perp suing the victim.

    7. Anonymous ‘App Geek’ rants: “but after hearing Apple trying to sue the world…”

      This is what it takes to defend ORIGINAL, INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE IP. Of course, if you don’t like inventors defending their inventions, you’re welcome to use the non-inventive company’s wannabe, follow-the-leader crapware. Enjoy yourself! Break free of creativity forever! Be a drone. I think you’ll be much happier. 😆

  2. Yeah, really smart move, Samsung. The key component of the next iPhone (as well as the current iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) is fabricated by Samsung. Any loss in Apple’s revenue is a loss in Samsung’s revenue. Is it any wonder that Apple is looking elsewhere for supplying the A6…?

    Continuing to pay Samsung for key components is like Apple funding its own competition. You don’t see Intel supplying components to Apple and then using the proceeds to compete with Apple.

    1. Did it ever cross your mind that if Apple didn’t spend most of it’s time suing the competition then they could actually focus on releasing their products on time??? Yeah I bet you didn’t think of that one because none of you iPhone geeks know how to think for yourselves.

      1. What a dumb comment, App Geek. It’s not as if Apple engineers and designers are doubling as Apple’s lawyers. And Apple has enough money to hire as many lawyers as they need to protect their IP.

        I “didn’t think of that one” because I DO know how to think logically. 🙂

      2. Did it every occur to you that the engineers who design and build Apple products are not the same people who are the lawyers involved in the lawsuits, and that one does not affect the other? Of course not, because you’re too stupid to
        actually create anything yourself, much less think for yourself.

        If Apple does not sue to protect it’s intellectual properties they can lose the right to sue in the future, so anyone and everyone could copy iOS and claim that Apple has not defended the patent in the past so the patent becomes invalid. Apple has to defend it’s patents or they can lose them.

      3. I don’t even understand this comment. How can a product that has not been announced be delivered late? That’s why Samsung can’t file the lawsuit now and couldn’t get access to prototypes; as far as Apple has told us, there is no new iPhone.

        You should take your own advice and think about what you’re saying instead of just regurgitating someone’s talking points.

        PS. To further show how sleazy a move this is on Samsung’s part: why aren’t they filing these lawsuits against existing hardware? Does existing hardware not violate these patents? It’s nothing but a desperate move by a company who is upset they got caught with their hand on the copy button.

      4. A class example of how the education system is failing people nowadays; shit-for-brains here can’t tell the difference between people trained as engineers and industrial designers and lawyers. Cretinous troll.

  3. If Apple does not protect its intellectual property, then every other company will trample on Apple like a victim. Look at what happen to Apple in the early days. Apple has to protect itself and it is only fair that they defend themselves from Xerox type companies such as Samsung. It may seem annoying that Apple is taking such a stand, but if someone took your hard word and simply copied, you would want to defend R&D. That said, It would be nice if companies such as Samsung would actually innovate rather than duplicate. This would make for healthy competition and continued growth.

  4. Hilarious.

    Another payola media placement. Of course samsung and thousand others are mulling lawsuits to ban apple.

    Another ploy to control the stock price(provide cover for the market maker).

    Anyway, I hope they are successful. We will see the mother of all black markets. Economies of turkey, Bulgaria, Russia will benefit.

    1. Truth sez: “I see ZERO evidence to support this.”

      I totally concur. This is either TechTard writing, whereby he did zero research and therefore made a stoopid comment, OR he made it up as a piece of BOGUS PROPAGANDA. And of course in our messed up day and age, bogus propaganda is de rigor when you have nothing honest to support your point, sad to say.

  5. @App Geek,
    So it’s ok to Rip off the same Company that’s Putting food in ur Mouth right, that’s ok with You ?
    Apple is Samdung’s Biggest Customer, so for them to do this is Crazy.
    “I was a big iPhone fan but after hearing Apple trying to sue the world over every single simple thing from it’s phone”
    So Apple is Suppose to Put in Years of working Arduously to Create such an Iconic Product, just to see a Lazy ass Korean Company Rip them off Blatantly,
    R U F*****g Kidding me,
    Where were the Smartphone Industry before the iPhone,
    Every Single Smartphone since 2007 is living off of Apple’s Legacy.
    So for you to make such Dumb Comment is asinine.
    (Shame on you)

    Apple should take Samdung and All these Android Copycats to the Cleaners & i do believe this time around they will.

  6. To date Apple’s iconic products and design are the most copied in the world: computers, smartphone, tablets, MP3 players, retail outlets, app stores and even fake stone-and-mortar Apple stores. Everybody wants to be as cool as Apple and if they don’t have an Apple angle in their products, their products would be DOA. Even CEO’s from Google, Motorola and Adobe aspire to have fake Steve Jobs’ cachet.

  7. Yes, this is so very very believable. Because when a company has a drop-dead case against a competitor, they always announce their intention to sue ahead of time.

    I mean, think this through logically. Does Samsung actually expect that Apple will back down from the release of the iPhone 5 in Europe, cowering in fear from mighty Samsung’s threat? Of course not. So what’s the point of “pre-announcing” their intention to sue over a product they haven’t even seen yet? It’s a PR stunt, the legal equivalent of FUD.

    This smells of such absolute desperation that it’s starting to get sad. Samsung knows they’re screwed but their pride won’t let them back down.


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