Apple begins removing construction façade from Fifth Avenue glass cube

“Apple on Tuesday began to remove wooden supports from the structure covering its under-construction glass cube on Fifth Avenue in New York, as work on the multi-million dollar project at the company’s flagship store moves toward completion,” AppleInsider reports.

“Workers could be seen onsite Tuesday morning, removing parts of the support frame from the giant temporary structure that covers the entrance to the Fifth Avenue underground store. The temporary supports have been in place since July to conceal the work being done on the iconic glass cube,” AppleInsider reports.. “AppleInsider reader Ryan said the workers could be seen Tuesday using hammers to pry wooden supports away from the glass. The new panes of glass in place underneath are now exposed, but they are said to still have a protective film on top of them.”

AppleInsider reports, “The $6.7 million project is expected to be completed by November, but Tuesday’s events could be a sign that the construction is ahead of schedule.”

More info and photos the full article here.

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