Woz chats about his friendship with Steve Jobs, Apple’s origins, future, and whether he would go back

“Steve Wozniak, the ‘Woz,’ talked at length over the phone with Patch about Bob Dylan, Apple’s early days, and how he and Steve Jobs were not in the same high school graduating class but became friends through a mutual friend and mutual interests,” Avni Nijhawan reports for LosGatosPatch. “The 61-year-old Los Gatos resident and San Jose native is said to have an estimated net worth of $100 million despite his stated apathy toward monetary gain. He’s a giver of money and knowledge…”

A snippet:

Patch: How do you think will Jobs’ resignation will affect the company?

Woz: Too early to tell. I don’t think it’ll be an immediate effect.

Products that come out in the next couple of years are already in the pipeline. They’ve already been steered in a good direction. The company has also been steered in a good direction by Steve.

So I don’t think he’s worried that all of a sudden it’ll take a very different approach with a lot of big important decisions that he wouldn’t have made.

And Tim Cook is really an excellent—very much gives the appearance of speaking and thinking the way Steve Jobs does. So in the short term, I don’t expect any real changes in Apple.

And in the long term, who knows what could happen?

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. Woz, either step off and stop trying to be an Apple pundit or pull some strings and get a nonvoting seat on the board. These endless interviews make you look like one of those high school football players (Uncle Rico, anyone?) reliving their salad days.

  2. Steven Wozniak and Jobs parted ways in 1983 and there is no information that the two were “friends”.

    Also, it was made it clear by Wozniak himself in his book, where his attitude was not objective and not in the favour of Jobs.

    1. That means nothing really.

      I’ve got friends who I’ve parted ways with years ago and I still consider them friends.

      I’d guess the two steves are old friends, connected by that friendship in deep ways. Sure they may not talk everyday and keep tabs on each other but I have never seen a photo of them after 1983 where they were not both looking at each other smiling. That has to tell you something right there.

      1. Yes, there is no information that open animosity was ever between them.

        I was just addressing that the word “friendship” is not quite accurate here. One needs to read Wozniak’s book to see beyond smiles during occasional meetings.

  3. Woz can give all the interviews he wants. Its a free county and he has more insight into Steve Jobs and Apple more than any armchair quarterback on this place…especially Dan.

  4. No one is asking Steve Wozniak to come back to Apple, right? What could he do if he went back? He was at the technical end of building computers and the industry has changed immensely since the days of simply breadboarding and Woz is in his late 50s. Would he just roam the halls of Apple headquarters talking about his past exploits with Steve Jobs to everyone he meets? Does anyone think that the execs of Apple would welcome back Steve Wozniak with welcome arms?

  5. Woz is a nice guy.
    Woz is a smart guy.
    He was a talented engineer.

    Woz is no longer relevant to Apple today. He has been gone a very long time.
    You want stories about 25 year old circuit boards, lasers, blue boxes, etc-interview Woz.
    Want factual info on Apple today?
    Talk to someone else.

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