Steam offers Portal for free for Mac and Windows PC

“From now until September 20, you can download Portal (PC and Mac) absolutely free,” Rick Broida reports for CNET. “Yesterday, it would have cost you $10.”

MacDailyNews Note: More info and download link here.

“In case you’re not familiar with it, Portal is regarded by many (myself included) to be one of the best games of all time,” Broida reports. “GameSpot awarded it a 9.0 and an Editors’ Choice. IGN called it ‘quirky, clever, polished, and presented with a spark of a subtly evil humor.'”

Broida reports, “The one and only string attached is that you’ll need a free Steam account and Valve’s Steam download client. Hardly a string at all, if you ask me.”

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    1. You can’t create an account now?
      They must have some server problems..

      Like belkin lol.
      They announced a 50% off sale on everything till the 30th, and their server crashed in 5 minutes.
      I think the code is fb50 when it is back up..

  1. Creating an account via their website was impossible. Download the small Steam app and create your account through it; easier and painless. You can then download Portal using the same app.

  2. I got it for free the last time Steam offered to for free. Now, there’s a Portal 2 (which I can’t play on my current iMac due to system requirements).

    However, the “free” offer worked, because I have since purchased a few other games through Steam.

  3. SAME THING here. tried to create account then after trying several times got cleared. Tried to log in and info said bad log in attempt. WTF.

    Looked more like site was run by gamer kids. Enter test to verify you are human but the text is always garbled enough so you have to try 3-4 times min. Please.


  4. Well I managed to set up an account in Steam. But everytime I tried to locate Portal it asked me if I had a Steam account, and I said yes, and it went to a blank website page . . . . duh. If they are trying to make it so you will come back to try out their software they might pay a little more attention to making it usable.

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