Stevie Wonder thanks Steve Jobs, praises Apple for iOS accessibility

“Steve Jobs has been lauded for making the smartphone truly accessible for everyone, incorporating subtle features that help the visually impaired or those with disabilies operate Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod devices,” Matt Brian reports for TNW.

“Last weekend, Stevie Wonder made a special appearance at a nightclub in Los Angeles… taking some time to stop the music to give a speech on helping others with disabilities,” Brian reports. “Stevie Wonder takes time to thank Steve Jobs and Apple for how they made technology accessible for everyone – the following quote says it all: ‘There is nothing that you can do on the iPhone or iPad that I can’t do.'”

See the video in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: After a quick Google search failed us (we have no patience), we pulled this off the wall, popped it out of its frame and scanned it for you:
Fortune, January 24, 2000, Steve Jobs, Stevie Wonder



    1. AAPL is still a good value and a good investment at any price, at least for the next few years.

      Using dollar-cost averaging, I systematically bought AAPL shares for several years before liquidating the lot to pay for three college educations.

      My job is done and now I can enjoy the fruits of my labor.

      1. I might add my stock broker at the time told me I was crazy to sell other stocks and put almost everything into AAPL. Told me not to do it.

        Wonder what he’s thinking these days…

    2. I wanted to buy the stock after the Sept 2000 sell off. i had two brokers who couldn’t bad mouth Apple enough, insisting on Cisco, microsoft and dell instead. I fired them both and jumped on AAPL with both feet.

  1. “If it’s magic
    Then why can’t it be everlasting
    Like the sun that always shines
    Like the poets in this rhyme
    Like the galaxies in time”

    Well, Stevie, I think you found the company that IS magic.

  2. Stevie Wonder gives Jobs a call on his iPhone:
    Riiiiing…. Riiing….
    SW-“♫♫♫♫ iJust called to say iLove you
    iJust called to say how much iCare, iDo
    iJust called to say iLove you
    And iMean it from the bottom of my heart ♫♫♫♫”

  3. Here’s what Steve Jobs did for me. Thankfully I got in on Apple stock early (after Steve’s second coming) and continued investing over time. Last year the company I worked for was bought out and everyone was laid off. I haven’t “worked” for a year but my Apple stock has been paying my bills and there’s still *plenty* left over. Thank you Steve.

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