HTC boss claims iPhones aren’t cool anymore

“Martin Fichter, the acting president of HTC America, appeared today at the Mobile Future Forward conference in downtown Seattle,” John Cook reports for GeekWire. “And the Bellevue wireless executive shared some interesting insights on everything from Windows Phone 7 to the ongoing wireless patent wars to why college kids — at least in his recent survey at Reed College — don’t think iPhones are cool anymore.”

Apple is innovating. Samsung is innovating. We are innovating. Everybody is innovating. And everybody is doing different things for the end consumers. I brought my daughter back to college — she’s down in Portland at Reed — and I talked to a few of the kids on her floor. And none of them has an iPhone because they told me: ‘My dad has an iPhone.’ There’s an interesting thing that’s going on in the market. The iPhone becomes a little less cool than it was. They were carrying HTCs. They were carrying Samsungs. They were even carrying some Chinese manufacture’s devices. If you look at a college campus, Mac Book Airs are cool. iPhones are not that cool anymore. We here are using iPhones, but our kids don’t find them that cool anymore. – Martin Fichter, acting president, HTC America

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MacDailyNews Take: Reed? No wonder Steve dropped out after only one semester.

You know what’s really uncool? Lying about innovating and then capping it off with a weak-ass, ginned-up anecdote that the market proves utterly untrue every single minute of every single day.


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    1. Also…

      > but our kids don’t find them that cool anymore.

      Since when do “kids” define what is “cool” for the majority of customers? Microsoft tried to appeal to the younger part of the market with Kin (and Zune), and that failed utterly to appeal to anyone. I mean, I didn’t want to be the people portrayed in that marketing. So good luck to HTC, if that’s their strategy.

  1. Go into any mall, any movie theater, any airplane and you will see tons of iPhones and a quite a few Android phones and a couple blackberries and the only reason there are so many Androids is because they are giving them away. If the cost the same as the iPhone, there’d be even more iPhones.

    If you can’t beat them, lie about them and hope people believe you I guess.

    1. I know what you mean. I’m a Machead through and through but currently have an HTC Wildfire- which I really like actually. It costs me a tenner a month from T Mobile with a great talk time/text/internet package. The cheapest iPhone deal I can find here in the UK is still at least three times that.

    1. After reading this article, I feel bad for his daughter.

      Not that he’s a bad dad (seriously) but because everyone is going to be waving their iPhones at her. (or something that vibrates..,,)

  2. Yes that’s why my three teenage boys all whom have 3GS iPhones are wanting the iPhone 4 or the next model. Sure my wife and I each have the iPhone 4. But to say the iPhones are not neat, new, and have that wow factor anymore. Is a bit of a laugh! All three of my boys have offered to camp out on release night of the next iPhone. One is a year away from college. So I better warn him that iPhones are not cool anymore.

    Oh wait he was also with me in line over night for the iPhone 4. I guess it just depends on what college campus and if the parents in top of affording tuition can also purchase the best phones for their kids. I won’t sacrifice quality with my kids and expect them to have the same standards as I do. So iPhones it will be.

  3. My kid is in well known private college and he has an iPhone, most of his friends have iPhones, and he report that the ones who have Android phones WANT iPhones. How’s that for an anecdote?

    1. Yes, but do their iPhones have a statistically significant Coolness Factor within the 18 to 21 year old consumer contingent relative to the same Android consumer contingent? And what Attribute Factors are responsible for the resulting Coolness scoring within these classifications? Is, in fact, anecdotal hearsay an adequate source of data to allow performing these analyses?

      We’re waiting for your answer Mr. Fichter… 😯

  4. Hahaha, I bet Steve calls up Reed’s President and asks him what the stats are on their campus network, to verify what Mr. HTC states anecdotally.

    As for “cool”, “cool” has no staying power. “cool” is pejorative. It’s a put-down, because “cool” is just what’s in fashion today, and out-of-fashion tomorrow. The iPhone was NEVER “cool”, because the iPhone has practical benefits that are amazing, and timeless. People who don’t get Apple, think it’s down to marketing, or Steve’s RDF, or some notion of “cool”. Mr. HTC doesn’t get it.

    1. Or, to put it another way, great battery life is “cool”. Great app selection is “cool”. Great user interface is “cool”. Great usability is “cool”. Not having to worry about accidentally downloading a lot of malware apps is “cool”.

      By this scale, how many “cool” points do HTC’s devices have, exactly? I would say, not many!

  5. Actually what they told him was “My dad has an iPhone. I don’t have a job or money to buy my own iPhone. That’s what I really want. Since he’s paying for my education and expenses he got me a cheap phone for now. When he upgrades I’ll get his old iPhone. Can’t wait.” He just quit listening to them when he heard what he wanted to hear.

  6. You know he is making this up… No college age kid is going to use the word “cool” to describe anything… He screws up his whole story by using a word from his generation… He’s not even a good liar … What a boob… He should understand that…. It’s from his generation!

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