Analyst: Apple to release iOS 5 GM to assemblers during week of September 23

“Apple reportedly plans to release the golden master of iOS 5, its forthcoming operating system update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, to its overseas assemblers at some point between September 23 and September 30, on time for a mid-October launch of a fifth-generation iPhone,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed to AppleInsider on Monday that the new iPhone and iPod touch went into mass production in late August, and assemblers are currently scheduled to receive the golden master of iOS 5 the week of September 30,” Hughes reports. “Typically, a golden master version of software is identical to the code that eventually becomes the final release to the public.”

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Hughes reports, “Upon receiving the software, Apple’s overseas assemblers will be able to install it on the finalized hardware and prepare it for shipping. The latest version of iOS will come preinstalled on both the fifth-generation models of the iPhone and iPod touch, set to be released in the coming weeks… For its part, Apple has only publicly promised that iOS 5 will become available to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users this fall. The company does not discuss future products, and has not officially confirmed the existence of the anticipated “iPhone 5″ or fifth-gen iPod touch.”

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  1. Just wondering, MDN: will you identify iPhone 5 as “improved antenna iPhone 5” in the same manner as you have added the word “magical” to your name for the iPad? Since your defense of world wide reports of iPhone 4 buyers not being able to make, receive and maintain phone calls lasted all of what – 24 hours before you caved into Apple’s lie that the antenna was just fine, I think you owe your readers notice that Apple will be promoting the 5 in a few weeks as the phone with an antenna that just works.

    1. I don’t know why you keep going on about the iPhone 4 antenna. I’ve never had a dropped call on my iPhone and I’ve been using it since it was released so that’s over quite a long period of time, over a year in fact. RIM which boasts about Blackberry’s radio reception strength has dropped more calls than my iPhone. I have friends who use Blackberries given to them by their employers – about 4-5 of them – and they drop more calls than I ever have on my iPhone. You can’t say my sample size is small – my friends carry different models of Blackberries (some as new as 3 months old) and they’ve all dropped calls while speaking to me. I’ve had a call them back in some instances 3-4 times to complete a conversation. In none of those instances has my iPhone dropped the call because when I’m reconnected my friends tell me it’s a characteristic of the Blackberry phone they’re carrying.

        1. That’s the reason why I always use a Bluetooth earpiece with mine. One of the reasons is the one you cited, the proximity sensor. The other reason is not wanting to smear the glass with face/ear oil which seems to be harder to remove than finger smudges. I hate peering through a stained screen.

  2. the analyst is full of it. I believe the main thrust of the release was to push up Sony stock price the next two weeks.

    Here is what this esteemed analyst said about the iPad 2 release.

    According to Kuo, the supply chain is mostly on track for a possible “late April or early May” launch, though a shipment of display panels has been delayed. Kuo sees the delay as unlikely to significantly affect the timeline for the launch of the next iPad, however, as LG Display and Samsung can meet 75 to 80 percent of Apple’s needs.

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