CBS severs relationship with Shira Lazar over Steve Jobs death tweet

“ has severed its relationship with the host of a web show who sent out an erroneous Tweet yesterday saying that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had died,” Marisa Guthrie reports for The Hollywood Reporter.

“The offending Tweet was sent from the Twitter account of What’s Trending, a web series independently produced by Disrupt Group and anchored by Disrupt co-founder Shira Lazar,” Guthrie reports. “Although her original Tweet was quickly deleted, it spread instantly through the blogosphere. And with embarrassing headlines attributing the blunder to CBS, the damage had been done. CBS News executives moved quickly on Friday to oust Lazar and What’s Trending from its web site, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Executives informed CBS Interactive to remove from all material related to Lazar and What’s Trending.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


    1. Agreed. It won’t be the last. Someone in the worldwide criminal spam network will probably recognize an opportunity to make a quick buck in the “nearly” legal and tacitly approved process known as stock manipulation.

  1. Well, most Fox News Channel shows pioneered the “dumb shit blogging at its finest” technique. And their television shows pioneer the “dumb shit pundit/fake news anchor host technique.

    1. Well – on reading the full story, it seems that the attribution of the incorrect story was laid at CBS’s feet by others, since CBS hosts the show. In spite of the fact that:

      “But the show and Lazar had no newsgathering partnership with CBS News. In fact, the following disclaimer ran after each show: “The What’s Trending show is produced by Shira Lazar Productions and the Disrupt Group, who are solely responsible for the content, opinions and viewpoints.””

      So they should be getting apologies from other organizations that attributed the info to CBS – if indeed CBS did not repeat the “news”. They should be demanding retractions from anyone who attributed it to CBS. The tweeters were jerks, but heck, some time ago the Wall Street Journal (I believe it was them) printed up Jobs’ obituary.

      1. Disclaimers mean nothing to anyone but lawyers. If CBS was willing to form a partnership with someone outside their control or with dubious credibility, then it’s on them if these people report false information.

        This should be a warning to ‘legit’ media not to get to tangled up in the blogosphere.

    2. You are welcome to your opinion, but what is you point in tossing it into this story about tweets and CBS? It’s a non-sequitur. Your hatred is apparently causing you to behave irrationally.

  2. I don’t know anything about What’s Trending group, but it was CBS’s fault if they wrote news stories based on a blog. The are just trying to shift the blame. The fools.

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    1. Ted:
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        1. What? If Obama loses the White House it’ll be because he didn’t do half the changes he promised he would out of fear! Obama’s greatest flaw is having become a center president instead of the needed left one!

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        1. “Start being American”? You were making good sense until you made that statement.

          1. The word American applies to the continents of North America and South America and the bit in the middle called Central America. You mean ‘Start being a Yankee’

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            1. I am Canadian. I don’t have to pack and leave the US. I don’t hate US but despise the arrogance that many there have. In my travels around the globe, I hear the same attitudes towards the US . . . their arrogance seems universally unbearable.

              If you are truly concerned about the deaths of innocent people, just think of Iraq and the war the US waged on erroneous information. Truly a knee jerk reaction to a minor pain inflicted to their dignity. Each week, Iraq lost 5000 children due to lack of medical help. African children everywhere are dying and no sympathy or help for them.

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          2. Lol. It’s idiots like Robert that show why this is so difficult. How do even have a conversation with someone who so hate-filled, and out in bizarro, crazy-land?

            1. Lol. It’s idiots like Robert that show why this is so difficult. How do you even have a conversation with someone who is so hate-filled, and out in bizarro, crazy-land?

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      1. Hypocrite much, spj? Seriously though, this entire discussion is frivolous. Debate real issues with intelligence–not just labels. Terms like leftist or right winger are an easy copout from an educated conversation in which all sides have one objective: to learn! Can you imagine such an objective?? We’d all be so much smarter and more responsible had we ventured into politics with such a goal back in our teenage years (or whenever we did).

        1. Wow, Andrew! Some kind of radical proposition, or what? Make actual points, rather than name-calling. Be concrete. Think. Be logical. What kind of loony idea is that? 🙂

    6. “You liberals are a bunch of emotional little girls.”

      Well Ted, that little tirade of yours doesn’t exactly make you sound like you’re from the planet Vulcan.

  4. Not to pass blame, or point blame here..

    But *every* public figure has a pre-packaged Obit at every news outlet..
    Sad but true.

    We live in an instant world, If some news outlet has to package an Obit when a public figure dies unexpectedly.. they will be a day behind in the news. and irrelevant.

    What I bet happened, It’s happened before sadly, Is that the web show was updating their packaged Obit on Jobs… and the news/rumor was tweeted by someone reading/proofing/eavesdropping it, to be “first”

    I forget who it was, but I think it was last year an Obit was actually printed… and the guy was still alive. Most times anymore it’s just posted (briefly) online before someone gets their ass kicked.

    1. Someone famously said here in the UK “the rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated” after an obit was mistakenly published. I believe it also happened to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, gawd rest her gin soaked soul. ;0)

  5. A pox on all your houses! Today is Sunday; those who claim to be religious should exhibit a little more decorum.

    Today is 9/11. Show a little class and celebrate a country whee the flag still flies over the Trade Center site, and where both the left and right can live in peace without killing each other and blowing up innocents in the name of religion.

    Shame on you all.

    1. I wake up this morning and see the above… (the crap you refer too)
      And now I wonder why some even bother to come here.

      A couple of idiots (on BOTH sides….) need to have their IP’s banned.

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