Mossberg reviews Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac: Runs Windows quickly and smoothly

Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac“I’ve been testing the new Parallels 7 on last year’s version of the MacBook Air laptop, running Lion with 4 gigabytes of memory,” Walt Mossberg reports for AllThingsD. “That’s the recommended amount of memory for running Windows 7, the version of Windows I tested.”

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“In my tests, this latest Parallels edition ran Windows quickly and smoothly, and integrated well with some of Lion’s new features, even though my test Mac isn’t the fastest Apple laptop available today,” Mossberg reports. “For instance, while I’m writing this in a Mac program on the Air, I’m simultaneously running the Windows-only Internet Explorer Web browser, and a couple of other Windows programs, with no discernible slowdown in any of them. I can easily recommend Parallels 7 to Mac users who need to use Windows programs some of the time.”

Mossberg reports, “I found that the new Parallels started and resumed Windows much faster than its predecessor. When launching Windows, the Mac no longer slowed to a crawl, as it had in past versions. All Windows 7 programs I tested launched and ran quickly and smoothly, and the fancy visual effects in Windows 7, such as mini-previews for icons in the taskbar, worked great.”

Much more in the full review here.

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  1. As time marches on (as does Mac’s market share) Parallels (and VMWare Fusion) keeps losing its appeal little by little. Eventually, it will become a niche product for those that really need virtualisation of other operating systems for some obscure reasons. All meaningful software will eventually be ported over to the platform that generates solid revenue and doesn’t drive up piracy rates.

  2. Predrag, this may be true, but it will take another decade before dedicated Windows developers take off their blinders. Corporate inertia is strong, especially in manufacturing, modeling, and analysis packages. That said, AutoCAD finally came back to the Mac platform. Maybe it will be only 9 years before the rest do….

  3. Why would MS want to shut down Parallels? You have to buy a copy of Windows to use with Parallels, so a sale is still a sale no matter what hardware its running on.

  4. Parallels 7 does much more than run Windows. It runs Lion too as a VM!
    I’m still on Snow Leopard because some of my stuff does not (and will not) run on Lion, due to Rosetta requirements.
    Now with Parallels 7 I have a Lion VM running on my Slow Lep. I can now benefit from Lion’s goodies and keep the old stuff cranking on the old OS.

    Kudos to Parallels for pulling that off, and to Apple for allowing OSX on a VM for the first time.

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