Deutsche Telekom offers iPhone 5 pre-orders

Deutsche Telekom is allowing customers in Germany to pre-order Apple’s next-gen iPhone, Cornelius Rahn reports for Bloomberg, citing Deutsche Telekom spokesman Alexander von Schmettow.

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Rahn reports, “The operator will hand out coupons to people who expressly request the successor model to the iPhone 4, without providing the name or release details of the device, he said.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. With the iPhone 3G being the 2nd, the 3GS being the 3rd, the iPhone 4 being the 4th, and with the supposed existence of a “4S”, would any iPhone 5 actually then become iPhone 6?

    1. As you can tell from your own examples, the name of the product does not need to match the model iteration. It is more accurate to say “the 6th” iPhone rather than “iPhone 6”. Apple could release the iPhone 5 and then a 4S, making IT the 6th model.

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