Apple debuts new iPad 2 TV ad ‘Learn’ (with video)

Apple has debuted a new television ad for iPad 2 called “Learn.”

The voiceover by Peter Coyote:
Are you curious about new ideas? Do you want to learn a new language? Or just a new word? Maybe you want to know more about anatomy? Or astronomy? You could master something new or uncover a hidden talent. Theres never been a better time to learn.

“Learn” is currently airing on U.S. broadcast and cable networks:

Direct link to the ad on Apple’s YouTube channel here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


        1. I sold an iPad to an older couple when I was on vacation this year. (they headed out to buy one after playing with mine)
          They were camped next to us ($150k motor home..) they were impressed how easy the iPad was to use.

          We were talking about the wildlife we saw that day fishing, I whipped out the iPad, my camera, and my CCK. imported the pics/video’s and showed them everything. pics of a baby moose, Casting vids of my brother in law.

          Mine is a 3G iPad 2, so I uploaded a picture to MobileMe right there and let them see how easy it was to share the pics from the road…
          The next day as they were leaving they asked me where the best place was to buy one so they could keep in touch with their kids/grand kids while on the road. they were on the road 4-5 months out of the year and thought the iPad would be perfect, and better than the cheap laptop they had. (which they had to find WiFi to email)
          I found an Apple store for them along their route, told them that would be the best place so they could answer any question they had and get them setup and ready to go in one spot. (2 days later I got a hello e-mail, from their iPad 2 32gb 3G)

          Games and Apps are great ways to sell your tablets, but selling easy communication to your grand kids… Priceless. 😉

        2. I did not miss that. I am only saying that for my taste the voice is too old. But yes, this might be Apple’s intentional approach (not just to chose any known voice, but older-sounding voice) — youth would buy iPad anyway.

  1. But… How much ram does it have? Does it have a USB or HDMI port? Dual-Core? quad-Core? Specs? Doesn’t Apple know that specs sell?

    Seriously though. Those are some cool apps. I like the one that looks like a chalkboard for kids and the Japanese one too.

    The iPad is awesome! No one can compete, and instead of just buying the sleek hotness, they want to kill it.

    1. Yes, sell the tablet at a loss and make it up on music, movies, magazines and books that iPad owners can buy from Amazon as well. Amazon hikes up the media prices to pay for the tablet and the Amazon tablet owners just go to iTunes for their media.

      Amazon will sell crap at a low price and make a little profit. It’ll be a cheap media slate that will not be a rival for the iPad or the other Android tablets still out there.

  2. AHa, good point! For learning!
    And I totally believe the iPad can do good at learning something for children, as its handy and touch screen, easy to handle with!
    So the iPad is not only good at watching movies, checking emails, surfing, reading, playing games, and even can developing children intelligence if used properly.
    Right, it always can give users the strong exciting experience, and a chain reaction, it let app developer’s like iFunia those who service for it are booming too, so iPad is leader.

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