Amazon’s ‘iPad killer’ may not hit shelves until 2012

DigiTimes, a Chinese blog focusing on the supply side of the tech industry, reports that mass production of the 10.1-inch tablet won’t begin until the first quarter of 2012,” Anthony James reports for TechFlash.

“The supplier is Foxconn Electronics, which also manufactures components for Apple’s iPad,” James reports. “Another supplier will supply a 7-inch tablet for Amazon. Those units are expected to begin shipping in October. Both models are widely believed to run on Android.”

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  1. I really hate $tupid ANALyst..
    If apple has years of success with every single products, they don’t see it like something to trust on.
    But if any other company announce that MAYBE they will came out with a crappy product, then the so called ANALysts project billions on sells and apple destruction.
    Good thing apple don’t need those bozos.

    1. This isn’t really analysts, its Amazon themselves. All these leaks and rumors about Amazon’s next kindle are just Amazon playing the press to get press for themselves.

      In fact, Amazon, a third rate online retailer, owes its entire overvalued stock market capitalization to this kind of press manipulation and dishonesty… which they’ve been doing since the beginning.

      notice that, by not releasing numbers for the kindle, they avoid people pointing out how much of an abject failure it is.

      1. Funny, I know far more people with Kindles than iPads. All of them love the devices and use them daily. My wife has one and I have to respect the focus and implementation of the device and the Kindle ecosystem. It works great for what it does, weights almost nothing and invisibly does the network and sync part of its job.

        That said, the Kindle app for my iPad works just as great as their native device and we are able to share books between the two. I would never dream of living in a Kindle only world. The iPad was made to be capable of so much more and it is. But denigrating Kindle is mindless.

  2. So Amazon’s so-called “iPad killer”, its very first entrant into the tablet market, is going to go toe-to-toe with the iPad 3? Get your popcorn boys, this bloodbath is going to be very, very entertaining.

  3. There’s NO WAY Amazon can launch a 10.1 inch tablet and price it at $299 or less without bleeding money from every orifice it has.

    Either that, or the components will be so cheap and pathetic in quality that you wouldn’t be able to read the black and white screen anyway.

    1. “Amazonian jungle to some lost tribesmen.”

      These can be found in every American City.

      Amazon will make a fortune from these gullible consumers of who can’t afford even a belt much less an iPad.

  4. Just in time for iPad 3! And a markdown on iPad 2s.

    Components, price and quality of the Amazon device will be irrelevant. Unless they decide to sell it at a huge loss like HP.

    1. Ah yes, ZDNet. If there is a website (along with CNet) that is more anti-Apple, I don’t know of it. In ZDNet’s perfect world, all computers would be beige, work from 5 1/4″ floppy disk drives and still run on DOS. All table computers (which I am sure they would prefer to use the Microsoft-approved term “slate”) should be banished.

      ZDNet is hardly the model of journalistic neutrality. My other comments about that site would be unprintable.

  5. And I’m still amazed that anyone thinks that Amazon can out-source a quality tablet better than Samsung, Sony, HP, RIM, Toshiba, LG, etc. not to mention Apple, all while they replace Google services and app store with the Amazon stuff. Android is going to go from a Circus sideshow to a 3-ring circus, with Amazon trying to sell tickets on one side of the tent and Google trying to sell tickets on the other. And just wait till Amazon is running its trapeze act while the Google lions and clowns are running lose on the floor.

  6. Any company that manufactures a “product killer” is doomed to failure. Why should I throw my money at a business to help them win a victory in corporate politics? They are motivated to build and sell it, but I’m not motivated to buy it.

  7. AMZN P/E is 94.90 today… what if they have to charge sales tax? What happens when the subsidized tablet losses hit the bottom line and are reflected in gross margins at the quarterly conference call? Who the hell buys a stock with a P/E of over 100 unless you are buying stock in liquid cocaine, loan sharking or successful nuclear fusion.

    When will the book publishers get together and create an alternate non-profit direct distribution cooperative to cut out the Middle-Amazon?

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