Guess who is WebKit’s new best friend

“When it comes to mobile browsers, WebKit has fast become the de facto technology for most big smartphone platforms,” Om Malik reports for GigaOM.

“From red-hot Android to astonishing iOS to beleaguered Symbian and Blackberry, they have all turned to WebKit for their mobile browsing needs,” Malik reports. “You wouldn’t be remiss in assuming that Apple and Google are WebKit’s biggest champions — because they are.”

Malik reports, “These days, WebKit has a new best friend, San Diego-based chip maker Qualcomm. In a conversation earlier this week, Rob Chandhok, SVP of software strategy for the San Diego-based chip company, said that now his crew is one of the largest “committers” to the open-source browser project… Qualcomm isn’t doing this through the goodness of its heart; the company realizes it needs to help nurture HTML5. Qualcomm, Chandhok pointed out, wants to make it easy to access system-level components such as the graphics processor (GPU), GPS, compass and camera in the browser for web-based apps. Chandhok hopes the company can allow HTML5 apps to come into their own, and much like the wired web, turn the browser into the center of mobile internet experience versus the so-called native apps. ‘HTML5 and the browser will win over time. Maybe not this year, but it will happen,’ he said.”

Much more in the full article here.


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