CNN acquires Apple iPad news reader Zite for $20 million

“CNN announced Tuesday that it is acquiring Zite, a Canadian tablet software developer,” Mark Milian reports for CNN.

“Zite offers an iPad application that can build a personalized magazine based on someone’s interests and social media feeds,” Milian reports. “The app can determine users’ favorite topics from which articles they choose to read and how they rate each one, similar to the way the Pandora Internet radio station customizes music playlists to listeners’ tastes.”

Milian reports, “CNN plans to operate Zite as an independent business, said KC Estenson, senior vice president and general manager of, on Monday. In addition to financing Zite’s ongoing development, CNN intends to promote the software on the news organization’s website and television programs, Estenson said. The Zite app, which is free, will not contain advertisements at first. Zite recently mined app-usage data for a report that showed users’ interests by state, information that can be attractive to marketers.”

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“Zite currently offers only an iPad app. The developers plan to make versions for other operating systems, but the Apple tablet will remain its primary platform, said Mark Johnson, who joined the outfit as CEO four months ago from Microsoft, on Monday,” Milian reports. “The personalization technology, which Zite has been developing for six years, will eventually be integrated into CNN’s own software, Estenson said.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward Weber” for the heads up.]


    1. Uh…. that was the whole point – when CNN (a far-left “news” organization and official Obama stenographers) gets done with Zite, it will only “find” far-left news that promulgates their marxist agenda. It will “consider the source” when trolling for news items.

        1. Well… lets see… there is:
          1. The Man-Child currently residing in the White House
          2. Pelosi
          3. Reid
          4. Most of the Democratic Party
          5. A large percentage of the sycophant media-stenographers

          Need I go on? Its really not hard to spot them – “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” Ya gotta love it….

          I am truly curious as to how you can deny the truth before your eyes that Obama et al are NOT Marxists.

          I, in turn, therefore doubt that YOU would “know a Marxist if you tripped over one”…. which is sad because once we get to having more takers then makers, more “victims” completely dependent on the “State”, more people who truly do not understand what it means to be personally responsible for their own lives – that most of you (who choose to be blind to the facts) will be absolutely shocked at how bad things have become and wonder just what happened….

          1. @MacMan
            Dude your right wingers are complete morons bent on destroying the US.

            There is always an asshole who has to turn his comment into an attack on the other party.

            I hope CNN let’s Zite be Zite. It could use a broader list to choose categories from.

          2. You define a Marxist by the people who your claim are Marxist? That is NOT a valid argument, my friend.

            You make a lot of assertions but assertions do not make for a valid argument.

            1. @Boomeray: typical lib response – impugn and name call. You call “right wingers” morons without knowing who they are or who I am or even if I AM a “right winger” (whatever that is in your mind). Look around – it is NOT the “right wingers” who have been in charge for the past 5 years (including complete control of Congress and WH for 2.5 of those years. This willful destruction of our country must be put at the feet of those responsible (liberals and their redistributive marxist agenda). We cannot withstand another 4 years of THIS. Amerika will truly be transformed into a static, euro-socialist nation and you will indeed feel that pain.

              @ajendus: No, I was simply pointing out those who are working hard to implement a marxist ideology on America. It is their ACTIONS that define their “inner marxism”. That, my “friend”, should have been obvious. I was answering the comment that I would not recognize a Marxist, and so listed several that I do indeed, recognize.

              What I don’t understand is why democrats do not openly embrace that which they believe (socialism/marxism). They clearly do not believe in our capitalistic society, do not believe in working hard to better yourself, in personal responsibility for your own well being. They do not believe in the power of private enterprise, personal advancement (you know – “the evil rich”). American exceptionalism? Nah… Obama himself has expressed this many many times.

              They fully believe that it is best that the central authority (or State – manned of course by the elites) should, no MUST control the lives of the poor unintelligent masses who just don’t know how to best run their lives. Who MUST be told to buy a mercury filled bulb costing 5X that of a regular light bulb so that they may save the planet from a nonexistent threat – “the earth has a fever”, “we have to hide the decline”, “faked polar bear pictures”, “deniers are racists – AlGore”, oops – no global warming currently so we now call it “climate change” as if it was not a natural cycle but instead is something we must tax and pretend we can control.

              I still maintain that most of you who consider yourselves enlightened liberals are in fact more conservative they you realize. You understand that you honestly can’t spend more then you have (see how well that works out for you in your own life). You realize that it is not always your fault that another person may not have achieved what you have – you worked and studied hard to get to where you were. You realize that paying people not to work FOR 3 YEARS might not be the best idea. You realize that it might not be a great idea to have a central committee determine your access to and your level of medical treatment (I bet you didn’t know that in England, if you are over 55yo you are DENIED having access to renal dialysis).

              I put my faith SQUARELY with the American People. I do NOT put my faith for my well being from cradle to grave with the Government. Hell, they can’t even run a train (Amtrack), can’t run the post office efficiently or without huge losses – there are many MANY other basic examples of Governmental waste, inefficiency and abuse of power (including the Government themselves with baseline budgeting, the social security ponzi scheme, the incredible accumulated debt, and so on).

              Why in the world would you willingly hand over more power to this group of people? Why are you willingly giving away your freedom to a bunch of elected officials? Do you seriously want the GOVERNMENT deciding on your medical care, your food choices, your car size? Where does it end? Do these elites impress you that much? Really??

              Have a little faith in your fellow Americans.

              Look around – do you see ANY example where marxism/socialism has succeeded in any way comparable to America? No – you don’t… Why, then, are you so ready to give up on what made this country great?

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