Apple prepping for big Apple TV announcement?

“Apple has started to push AirPlay on its US TV commercials,” Eric Jackson reports for Forbes.

“To me, this suggests that there will be an imminent announcement of Apple’s big push into TV,” Jackson writes. “Consider that Apple has already made huge pre-purchases of liquid crystal displays. It also has the direct go-to-market delivery mechanisms through its network of stores and online — something its competitors don’t.”

Jackson writes, “The ‘tell’ for Apple finally betting big on this market could the ‘education’ it is doing on AirPlay in these newest TV ads.”

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  1. and cue the naysayers…

    after the market entrance and dominance of iPod, iPhone & iPad it will be the same rhetoric while TV quitely re-invents the go-to-market strategy and …dominates.

    looking forward to it.

  2. I think it’s a stretch to make that conclusion based on AirPlay. Apple has been promoting streaming of media for a long time. That’s not to say that I don’t believe Apple is going into the TV business. It makes sense and they could do some great things with it. But AirPlay… not the big clue.

  3. Not gonna happen ,no profit in tv’s .a $ 2000 tv cost a dealer about $1750 as a manufacture you see maybe 10% profit .not the 40% or so apple makes on products.

    1. There are currently no TV manufacturers with Tim Cook negotiating from Apple’s position of wealth, and experience in delivering one knock-out product after another.

    2. Apple currently sells a 24 inch “TV” for $999. 🙂 actually, just add an HDMI port to connect your cable box to, and it would do fine. Apple doesn’t have to worry about dealers, they’ve got mire than enough store fronts to meet demand.

    3. Um no, TV’s have HUGE margin for the manufacturers but not the retailers. They cost little to produce and sell for $$$. Although margins are much lower now that prices have plummeted. And that’s the proof, TV prices fell a huge amount over the last couple of years and manufacturing costs didn’t fall nearly as much over the same period.

      Not sure if anyone’s paid attention but Apple were licensing AirPlay to CE hardware manufacturers. I don’t think it will be long before some major TV’s are branded with “AirPlay inside” type of logos.

          1. Correct; I am only saying that in television market there may be no way to come-up with something worthy for buyers to pay premium price. However, that way might exist; lets see what will happen.

    4. It can happen, but only if Apple will come up with something unexpected, which would justify purchase of a TV set costing 25% more than any other TV set.

      Just combination of AppleTV and huge TV panel in one device is no way going to do the trick.

      So either Apple will not release iTV, or it will something bigger than any theory about it I happen to read.

      1. “It can happen, but only if Apple will come up with something unexpected, which would justify purchase of a TV set costing 25% more than any other TV set.”

        That’s precisely what Apple has a proven track record of doing. “Added Value”.

  4. When that happens Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Sharp, et al will take it in the LCD/LED/Plasma TV shorts. Not to mention cable companies. Can you say “major market disruption?”

  5. This is one market where I see Apple benefitting from licensing AppleTV to TV vendors, rather than entering the market themselves. Unless Apple has some proprietary tech that can leapfrog other companies (perhaps a better version of 3D televisions and an amazing UI), I don’t see a strong need for Apple being in the television market.

    1. Agreed. To me it doesn’t seem to make sense for Apple to actually produce a television. They can license AppleTV so manufacturers can include it in their internet enabled TVs.


      Of course, Apple is good at surprising us, but I don’t see how this would work out well.

      Of course, this may be what they are going to use the space that previously held all the boxed software for… 😉

  6. AirPlay is currently limited to photos, iPod and camera videos, right? With ios5, it will be system wide. That puts all those smart TVs to shame. The iOS device becomes the Internet on the TV. Why would Apple need to make TVs?

    1. totally wrong. most iOS media apps and now many websites (like Wolfgang’s Vault) offer the AirPlay output option to send their audio/video direct to your TV via AppleTV.

      but don’t confuse it with Screen Mirroring (although that is another option under the same output menu in iOS devices). that is when indeed the iOS device becomes the entire internet on your TV (well, except Flash).

  7. If Apple ever rolls out a full scale television set I’ll eat my nuts, both of them. Apple TV was never elevated beyond a hobby. So now all of a sudden Apple is suddenly going to get manufacturing television sets more efficiently than Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic and a whole host of entrenched TV manufacturers? Get real.

    That article is stupid and the only premise for this is AirPlay? The writer should go work for Eric Schmidt. Google is the only organization delusional enough to think it can make a success of TV.

  8. By the same logic that infers from these commercials that Apple will start making TVs we must also infer that Apple is about to announce a “big push” into making stereo systems. Yet another case of looking for confirmation of your hopes and dreams in the Apple tea leaves. Not going to happen.

    The most you can infer from these commercials is that Apple is trying to drum up sales of its AppleTV. Which is of course the purposecof advertising — to sell your currently available products. No mystery here.

  9. I agree with the majority here, I just have a hard time believing AAPL will start selling television sets. I don’t care how fancy or advanced they are. I see AAPL selling a better device such as the Apple tv or licensing a new wonderful connection device or capability for broadcasting tv and movies. But a tv set? I don’t think so. But AAPL may surprise us all? However something in this arena is coming and I don’t think it will be too long. I say 9 months at the longest. I like my second gen Apple tv so I can’t wait for the next big thing. Oh boy!

  10. We already see auto makers integrating and advertising iPod connectivity. I see this as the primary model for Apple and televisions. For $99 you can an TV and make any tv “smart”. I think licensing the Airplay and TV tech to entrenched television makers is the smarter play. Instead of a few models of Apple Televisions, there could be hundreds of Apple infused televisions from many makers. Much better for the Apple ecosystem.

  11. The big deal with Apple TV is going to be the Apps. Think Science Channel App, Discovery Channel App, ESPN etc… Not to mention Games. No more satellite or cable needed direct to the consumer.

    1. i like this idea. I’ve always envisioned the same approach. Really hope this happens. Honestly, I’ve dropped my tv service for 3 months now and do not miss it.

  12. gomer37: nope. AirPlay works on videos in apps and on the web as long as the host allows for it. If you like music videos, try the vevo app which uses AirPlay VERY well

  13. this Forbes guy is jumping to the wrong conclusion.

    AirPlay/Screen Mirroring is a killer feature of iOS 5, and thus all iDevices once that is released. all you need is a $99 Apple TV. so it is going to be hyped by Apple, yes, but mainly to sell more iThings right away, and especially for the Holidays.

    if Apple does jump into the television business directly, it won’t be until next year when all the ducks needed for success have been lined up first. most notably, contract access to current CATV-only content.

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