Samsung bruised by twin court rulings in Apple’s favor

“A court in Germany edged towards upholding a ruling that Samsung’s tablets, which rival the iPad, could not be sold in Germany. A detailed ruling on whether Samsung has stolen Apple’s design is due on September 9. Separately, a court in the Netherlands barred Samsung from selling three smartphones that rival the iPhone for infringing Apple patents.,” Christian Oliver reports for The Financial Times.

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“Google is also a concern now that it is branching into hardware with its acquisition of Motorola Mobility. South Korea’s government this week expressed concern that Korean handset makers, such as Samsung, should cut their software dependence on Google’s Android operating system,” Oliver reports. “Seoul suggests a government-led consortium could create a home-grown OS to rival Google. Analysts said the government’s idea would not work, suggesting instead Samsung should either buy a foreign operating system or build a more balanced OS portfolio, without such emphasis on Android. For Samsung, this could mean more Windows models and an improvement of its own system, Bada.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. Dear S. Korea:

    whether or not you decide to get off the Google hypocrisy bus at this or at any point, you have already lost a consumer in me (whatever that’s worth to you) for life. Short of a heartfelt public apology and honest attempts to move away from your cheating, infringing ways, you have burnt too many bridges for a growing number of Apple fans worldwide to ever consider you as a legitimate and respectful community worthy of their wallets of confidence.

    Meanwhile, good luck with your solo, shamelessly copycatting ways. I have a feeling, pretty soon, you may find that majority of your corporate customers (OEMs that’ll still have confidence in sharing business plans for component manufacturing) as well as individual consumers, will be local.

  2. I’m in the market for a new TV. Guess which company didn’t make my short list no matter what the saleman pitches or how their products stack up?

    The most powerful way of expressing my distaste for their actions.

  3. Does anyone else fear that Microsoft will come out as the big winner of these cases?
    They offer the same products as google does, and more (I’m not talking about quality here, just about average Joe perception), they are not under fire by Apple (yet) and they are waiting with there “killer product” release until they’ve seen where other parties (read google and clan) fail.
    Backed-up by Nokia as a solid phone provider they just could come out much better than any of the fighting parties of today.

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