NMA animates ‘The Life and Career of Steve Jobs’ (with video)

Next Media Animation takes a look back and the life and career of Apple co-founder and chief executive Steve Jobs, who resigned that position late on Wednesday.

Our tale begins with Steve Jobs dabbling in LSD and spiritual enlightenment, which Jobs describes as the “one of the two or three most important things [he had] done in [his] life”. Man, look at all the colors. Hey, that gives me an idea for a company logo.

Jobs would then found Apple with Steve Wozniak and a third guy who cashed out his shares waaaaaay too early, so we didn’t bother to animate him. In 1984, Jobs unveiled the Macintosh and forever revolutionized personal computing.

But the good times wouldn’t last. John Sculley, the executive Jobs hired away from Pepsi, bounced Jobs from the company he founded.

Jobs would get his revenge by starting another company, Pixar. He produced ‘Toy Story’ and sold the animation company to Disney for a fat profit.

Jobs finally returned to Apple and defeated arch nemesis Bill Gates to become the baddest mofo in tech. Jobs was then diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and required a live-saving liver transplant.

Apple now faces a threat from Google Android. Thankfully, Jobs can pass the baton to chief operating officer Tim Cook. – Next Media Animation


[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


    1. Is this the first time you’ve seen one of NMA’s animations? They’re all tasteless and juvenile. Go look up the animation the Daily Show commissioned about the recent royal wedding. Now THAT was truly tasteless.

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