Logitech debuts Joystick for iPad and Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad 2

Today Logitech unveiled two new accessories that help you make the most of your iPad. The Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad 2 is the ideal tool for comfy, on-the-go typing, and the Logitech Joystick for iPad offers more accurate, immersive game play.

Moving tablet use beyond the traditional touchpad strokes, both devices empower you to interact with your iPad more efficiently, extending your tablet experience into the world around you.

“Many people are using tablets in ways that require more than fingertip scrolling, pointing and pressing on the touchpad,” said Azmat Ali, Logitech vice president of mobile and tablet products, in the press release. “Whether you’re typing notes, emailing, or playing games, both devices greatly extend flexibility when it comes to creating content or enjoying entertainment.”

Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad 2

The Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad 2 is your perfect on-the-go solution. With a full-size, Bluetooth® keyboard and stand, you simply open and type, and close and forget. Closed, the keyboard rests securely underneath your iPad 2. Open, it holds the tablet at an ideal angle for typing and taking notes. Unlike folio-style Bluetooth keyboards, the Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad 2 is full-sized for comfy typing. And it charges over USB, so you never need to worry about replacing batteries. The device wakes up and is ready to use as soon as it’s unfolded, and turns itself off automatically when folded to save battery power.

Logitech Joystick for iPad

The Logitech Joystick for iPad is the perfect gaming companion for your iPad or iPad 2. No one likes to lose a point or go down in defeat because their thumb misses the control area. The Logitech Joystick for iPad gives you a thumb-stick style game controller that you can use with just about any game with an on-screen joystick or d-pad. The device attaches to your iPad with suction cups that are easy to apply and easy to remove. And the coiled spring provides force feedback that automatically returns the joystick to the center position.

Pricing and Availability

The Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard is expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in September, for a suggested retail price of US$129.99. The Logitech Joystick is expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in September, for a suggested retail price of $19.99.

More info:
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Source: Logitech


    1. Not so. As games are played on the HDTV using the iPad pushing the video to the AppleTV, that will come in handy. Maybe for people that no longer have good finger control after a medical problem.

      Just because you don’t see the app in your mind doesn’t mean someone else will not see it for you.

  1. Odd. The iPad works with keyboards, printers, a joystick, you can create e-mails, movies, music, … but, it is not a computer.

    Count them. Don’t count them. In the end, the iPad is what people want to buy and use. Not sure? Ask the CEO of HP.

    1. Steve Ballmer has said that tablets are computers.

      For the rest of the world, they consider him an authority, and should heed what he says.

      The rest of us knew that, without Ballmy’s prognostication.

  2. Wow, that keyboard thing turns the iPad into an ugly mess. It’s like putting a trailer on a Ferrari. That, and the ridiculous price – forget it. The Apple bluetooth keyboard works great with my iPad 2, and I don’t have to leave it attached to my iPad all the time like that ugly disaster from Logitech, either.

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