Samsung reportedly eyeing HP’s PC unit; looking to have Taiwan OEMs assemble

“Korea-based notebook brand vendor Samsung Electronics has reportedly contacted Taiwan-based notebook makers Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics and Pegatron Technology in August to evaluate the possibility of outsourcing notebook orders, according to sources from upstream supply chain, which added that there might be a result soon and Samsung may outsource a small volume of orders to these players,” Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

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“The sources added that Samsung’s actions seem like it is already in preparation to take up Hewlett-Packard’s (HP’s) PC business,” Lee and Tsai report. “If Samsung takes down HP’s 40 million units of PC shipments and with Samsung’s own 10 million units, the company will need to ship 50-60 million units totally in one year and will definitely need to find OEM partners as Samsung itself may have difficulty to make all these orders, Quanta noted.”

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      1. if you buy HP’s PC business, what are you REALLY getting, other than the name? OK, I guess there’ll be some assembly sweat shops, but is there anything bleeding edge going on at HP?

    1. That is great create more PC boxes to drive down the shrinking Windows PC box market. If only Samsung could get people to want to buy that crap. This is why IBM, HP, and the next PC box maker are stepping out of this Windows swamp.

      The dancing monkey will be doing the “Customers, customers, customers” dance next. He could load that one next to the other in his mp3 Zune player.

      Sorry, that was not nice to say about a soon to loose his job CEO.

  1. Another made-up nonsense by DigiTimes. Samsung contacted Taiwanese before HP said they wanted to consider selling off PC division, and, anyway, there is no need to contact anyway in Taiwan for Samsung in relation to HP PC division since HPS already has all needed contacts there (producing 40 million PCs per year).

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