July U.S. Mac sales up 26%, PCs up 4%, iPad still crimping netbooks

“U.S. unit sales of Apple‘s Macintosh computers grew 26% in July over the year ago quarter, tech tracker NPD reported Monday, outpacing the U.S. PC unit sales growth of 4%,” Brian Caulfield reports for Forbes.

“NPD’s data supports the view that sales of Apple’s tablet computer are crimping demand for cheap ‘netbook’ computers — not a problem for Apple, since the Cupertino, Calif.-based company doesn’t sell the stripped down notebook,” Caulfield reports. “While overall PC sales grew, sales of in the ‘subnotebook’ category fell 13% from July 2010 following a plunge of 20% in June.”

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Caulfield reports, “Apple’s personal computers commanded an average price of $1338, compared to $716 for the broader PC market. Apple’s share of new personal computers shipped in the United States rose to 18%, up from 15% during the year-ago quarter.”

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  1. I don’t care whether Apple sale grows. mac is still expensive, doesn’t get high end spec anyway. since I have been in gaming, mac isn’t a good choice at all. I love gaming laptop which costs less , and I get more high end spec, it performs outstanding.

    1. Edward …. Clearly a Mac is not for you, but you only have to glance at the sales figures to see that there is a growing market for Macs and a stagnant or declining market for Wintel PCs.

      Apple is smart and catering for a growing and profitable market. Apple looks to the future and does not cling to the past. That’s why Apple are doing well and old school PC assemblers are now struggling to stay in business.

      There are growing numbers of customers who do not perceive Macs to be expensive, but view Macs as a quality product which is worth paying a premium for.

      1. You are right. Macs are not expensive at all. I bought my iMac in 2006 and it still works fine, even with the latest OS. Before that I had to by a new PC every two to three years. It got broken, slow or outdated within that timeframe. So per year I spend less and am less frustrated. Nowadays the profits on my AAPL stock is paying for my Apple products. So basically they’re free!

    2. Ever listen to the chatter among WoW players during a raid? The Mac players play pretty much uninterrupted, but it’s not uncommon for the PC guys to get hung up, crash, hit a firewall issue…

      You need the high end specs in a PC just to get minimum functionality (at least, that’s why I bought them back when I bought PCs…)

    3. I have a gaming pc I built and a new 2011 iMac.

      The pc I spent less on and has higher specs, at the time I built it anyway, but the iMac smokes it…
      I play the same game on both pc and mac. The iMac has higher resolution and plays smooth. The pc runs just under the macs fps, but less resolution. And there’s that windows crap….

      Only one game I want a native mac client to be released and the pc may get shelved…

      And then there is the rest of the stuff I can do on the iMac that the pc just can’t.

    4. Macs cost more based upon just a casual specs comparison. But I have seen Apple come out ahead in terms of cost in solid, in-depth comparisons.

      And then there are the cases in which Apple offers unique items – iPhone, iPad, Macbook Air. You cannot buy any Windows portable like a Macbook Air, regardless of cost. And it is an incredible device that merits its price. In fact, I just bought one.

      I do not believe in dragging someone into the Mac universe who is not ready for it. Some people are never ready for it. And I agree that Apple does not make a PC gaming rig or have access to the same range of graphics cards as Windows PCs. So, enjoy your Windows PC and we will enjoy our Macs.

      1. I used to roll my own PC’s and thought it was a cost effective solution. But that was then, and now is now. Only if you’re in college and your time is worth nothing would a build your own rig make any sense. It’s just better to go the Mac way and damn the torpedoes.

    5. Clearly, you are a young and inexperienced (in the ways of life) gamer who has yet to learn one of the most important lessons in life:

      “Cheap” is the most expensive commodity in the world. You get what you pay for, ed. ALWAYS.

  2. I think he has been learning English on his gaming pc… clearly the Klingon won.

    As for me I have saved thousands since 1988 owning macs over pcs whatever the initial price might be so as non gamer I am more than happy.

    What’s more the way that Apple is now owning the mobile game sector it is likely only a matter of time before that area of ‘PCs’ comes home too.

  3. Thanks for the link to my article.

    I’ve got a quandary I’d like to ping your community about.

    I’m trying to figure out when a 4G iPhone will arrive using open-sources (rather than conversations with ‘sources familiar with the matter).

    The analysts I’ve talked to tell me the best bet for a 4G baseband processor in that device is the Qualcomm MDM9615.

    That part, however, doesn’t begin shipping in quantity until next year (although all Qualcomm will say is it doesn’t begin sampling until late this year).

    So, will Apple find a way to introduce a 4G phone without this part in October? Or will they wait until next year.

    If this weren’t Apple I’d consider the case closed.

    It is Apple, so I’d like to ping your community. You can comment on my article, here…


    … or comment below.

    Many thanks!


    1. Apple will only go 4G when they can fall back to 3G (AT&T) or 2.5G (Verizon) when the 4G network inevitably runs out.

      Only Qualcom can fit the bill on that front. Apple will have to wait til next year.

      If Apple has prepaid Qualcom a few hundred million to speed up the process, all bets are off.

  4. Apple has a HUGE pool of potential Mac customers… current Windows users.

    Ten years ago, when a typical Windows user needed to buy a new computer, most of them would not even put a Mac on the list of choices. A Mac was not even a consideration. So for 80 to 90% of potential customers, getting a Mac was not a viable possibility.

    Today, most Windows users would AT LEAST consider getting a Mac for their next computer. Many may still stick with Windows, but at least a Mac is considered as a choice. “Consideration” is all Apple needs to grow sales at 26% year over year, because once a Mac is considered (usually by visiting an Apple Store), it is quite often selected.

    Windows PC makers are selling mostly to existing Windows users, trading them back and forth among brands based on who has the lowest price that week. Apple sells to its existing Mac users AND to a steady stream of first-time Mac customers. And the pool of current Windows users is not drying up anytime soon.

    Apple has turned a disadvantage, small existing market share in PCs, into a major advantage.

    1. Very insightful. MS is eating its own children to grow whereas Mac is muscling into MS territory. Let me tell you a true story. As recently as 4 years ago the thought of going Mac never struck my mind. Then the iPhone 1 was launched and that set me thinking. How is it that so many of my friends are raving about it. Apple must be more than a toy company. I left Windows for good this year and besides some compatibility issues with exchanging Word documents have not looked back since.

      1. I know what you mean… it pains me that I have to have MS Office on my Mac just for the few occasions when a complex Word document doesn’t look quite right in Pages.

  5. At Apple’s current rate of growth, in 5 years it could quadruple its sales.

    That means all that volume is going to peel off the PC side.

    That is the real story. People in the average Joe department are finally understanding what quality means.

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