Why Apple doesn’t need to launch iPhone 5 in 2011

“The iPhone 5 may be one of the most anticipated gadgets of 2011. The annual iPhone launch was skipped this summer at WWDC, which has led to much speculation about a fall launch ahead of the holiday season,” Josh Smith writes for GottaBeMobile.

“This week we learned that Apple may be launching the iPhone 5 on October 7th, with pre orders reportedly starting on September 30th,” Smith writes. “If this seems like the 15th date you’ve heard for the iPhone 5, it probably is. After we missed a June and July iPhone 5 launch we shifted to September. With September almost here, we think the iPhone 5 launch may in October.”

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Smith writes, “Apple doesn’t need to hold to an artificial schedule put forth by the press and consumer expectations.”

Why Apple Can Launch the iPhone 5 Whenever it Wants:
• iOS 5 and iPhone 4 will hold over consumers
• The longer Apple waits, the more time they have to test and carriers to build out 4G networks
• iPhone customers will wait; they won’t settle for Android
• Apple keeps their own schedule

Smith writes, “Could Apple launch an iPhone in 2011? Certainly, but if the company does, it’s because the company is ready to do so, not because they need to launch an iPhone in 2011 to stay fiscally solvent or have a hit product.”

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  1. Umm they need to launch it ASAP, putting ideas like this in thier heads is stupid. People like myself who are not wealthy don’t want to get the IPhone 4 and then get screwed by having the 5 come out shortly thereafter!

      1. Heck, I think I’ll probably buy another iPhone 4 even if iPhone 5 was released. Why? Because, one… it will be upgraded merely by going to iOS-5, two….it is a classic old LEICA kind of design that I really like and three it’ll be cheaper than the iPhone 5. Now lets see what I’ll be missing; 4G? Lighter? Thinner? Newer design? Better voice Control? Quicker? Yes, while these are all great things, sometimes people prefer an older water cooled Porsche than a brand spanking new Air cooled one. I still look at the iPhone 4 today after having had it for a year and still marvel at its looks and feel. For me, iOS-5 is going to give it a new lease of life.

        1. In case anyone is wondering why I would buy another iPhone 4 when I already have one…..I pass the one year old one to younger family members and get a new one for myself. That same younger family member sells his 3Gs to anyone who still consider a 3GS as an upgrade from some android POS.

    1. Exactly HOW do you get screwed if you own an iPhone when a new model comes out??? Does that iPhone 4 suddenly stop working, or stops working properly, or something else deteriorates???

      This is something that I can’t, for the life of me, understand — how DO you get screwed (and by whom)?

      Here’s another solution: if you really, really hate the fact that you have a two-month old discontinued phone (once the new model arrives), buy the new one for $400 or so, sell the old one on eBay for the same $400 (perhaps even more, since it is still under warranty), and you’re all set. You’ll have your newest, greatest iPhone, and the only thing that will happen is that you’ll have to extend your contract just a bit longer. Right now, even 3GS (which is over a year old model) can fetch $400 on eBay.

  2. Uh, that’s the way Apple has operated for years – launch a product when it’s ready, not when analysts say Apple should launch it.

    I don’t think Apple’s delaying to include LTE. Chips gobble too much battery right now. Apple’s waiting for iCloud to launch and have the initial kinks worked out before it launches iPhone 5 with iOS 5 pre-installed.

  3. My family is hoping for iPhone 5 this fall. My son’s birthday is in August, and he is getting a new phone. We will get the $49.00 3GS, but are holding out in hopes that a 5 (or 4S) will arrive, and the iPhone 4 will drop dramatically in price. Meanwhile, he has a new pair of Sony earphones to placate him until then.

  4. I’ve heard from so many people that they are “waiting for the iPhone 5 in September”, since they have a friend of a friend that works at Verizon and said it’s coming out then.

    It’s rather difficult to explain the level of Apple’s secrecy to most people.

    1. Plus those teenagers who work at the verizon store don’t have a lot of cred to peddle… acting like they have inside info on the iPhone is about as close to cool as they could hope to get.

  5. This says alot about apple’s fiscal stability. The ability to keep to be flexible with product launches is rarely seen among technology companies. Few consumers are so loyal as apple consumers are.

  6. People above are forgetting something here and it is very important.

    Apple does not want to give one month’s rest to all the copycats. Apple wants to innovate so fast and so hard that some competitors either give up or go BK. And I do not blame Apple for doing this. That is how you get consumers involved and talking and using all of your products, by staying well ahead of the “average”.

    Average is not good enough. It never was.

  7. Apple does not need to launch a new phone this fall. Why not? Because with the upcoming iOS5 coming out it will be essentially a new phone. I think this will generate enough sales and keep the momentum going. It would be overload to have an new phone on top of a new OS and most likely cannabalise sales. Those of us who have an iPhone 4 know that it is the best phone out there, with a solid feel and a beautiful screen and I cant wait until iOS5 comes out. I will be getting a new phone with just a software update. I think Apple will make sure all the current iPhone 4 are updated and the cloud is fully vetted before releasing a new iPhone5. I think they will wait until next April to release the new iPhone 5 and a new iPad 3 HD that will both take advantage of the new A6 processor. Thats my story and Im sticking to it.

    1. Your just saying that cuz your stuck on a 2 year contract and won’t need an upgrade for another year. I however and thousands of others around the globe are nearing the end of our 2 year contracts with the 3gs. NO WAY I’M SETTLING FOR AN iPhone 4 WITH iOS 5 for 2 more years!!! and then find out 6 months later the new iPhone comes out…. This won’t happen, the next iPhone will be out this year 😉 Apple started a yearly cycle… people expect to be able to have something new every year… they can’t just break that cycle, that’ll piss a lot of people off…. especially people who follow Apple closely.

  8. Apple will launch the iPhone 5 in the September-October timeframe.

    The reason this year is different is that the iPod is no longer the hot christmas item, and this change makes their schedule simple.

    iPads in the Spring. iOS in the Summer so developers can be prepared. iPhones in the fall so that max hype lines right up with the busy Thanksgiving – Christmas shopping season.

  9. I don’t know about consumers needing the iPhone 5 but Apple stock needs the iPhone 5 very badly. It’ll never see $400 without it. The only thing that makes Apple’s share price advance is new products. That’s what excites investors. If someone just happens to mention that there is no iPhone 5 this year, Apple stock would just sink back to $350 like it was the most natural thing in the world.

    Apple should be able to launch a product any time it wants without jackasses telling them when they expect it. Those sorts of demands are just idiotic crap. A company should have whatever time it needs to set everything up properly especially when you’re working with an entire ecosystem and hundreds of millions of loyal, non-tech users. The numbskulls that are always harping about product delays need to get a life for themselves.

    Screw the analysts, too. It’s easy to sit in front of a desk and second-guess everything a company does, and an entirely different thing to actually run the most successful consumer/tech company in the world. How many analysts were spewing BS about the iPhone losing market share when it missed the usual launch date? There were quite a few jackasses saying that and they were dead wrong. I doubt if most consumers in the U.S. even know when the usual iPhone launch date is. They usually know when it’s going to launch when Apple makes a media announcement of when going to launch.

    1. You must be very new to AAPL. Over the past year (very short term for people who invest money in stocks), AAPL grew almost 50%. Over two years — 150%; over 5 years — 450%, etc…

      An investor who put money in AAPL and waited for at least 9 months was handsomely rewarded. And AAPL seems to keep rewarding their investors, compared to the rest of the markets (thus its emergence as the most valuable company in the world). I can’t imagine how could a stock, any stock (never mind such large-cap stock) possibly perform better than that.

      I’d suggest let us leave Apple to do exactly what it is doing, at exactly the schedule it is, since the stock performance seem to be exceeding (by far) all other competitors in its category.

  10. The 32GB white iPhone 4 is no longer available in the UK (on the official Apple Store for the UK, it’s no longer available), so this is clear proof that the iPhone 5 is coming out very soon, and that they have stopped production of the iPhone 4.

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