FlashToHTML5 for Safari replaces CPU-hogging YouTube Flash Player with HTML5 video player

“As you know, OS X Lion ships without Flash Player to the delight of fans in support of Apple’s ongoing argument against Adobe’s resource-hungry technology,” Christian Zibreg reports for 9to5Mac.

“I’ve vowed never to install anything from Adobe again on my brand spanking new MacBook Air as I only allow Adobe software on my Mac mini, which I relegated to my testing machine and media center,” Zibreg reports. “That said, the FlashtoHTML5 extension from Joris Vervuurt was Godsent. The extensions has a sole purpose: It replaces the CPU-hogging YouTube Flash Player with an HTML5 video player.”

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  1. I still have Adobe software on my MBP but am slowly migrating my Web development process from Dreamweaver to Coda, which is beautiful and light. Dreamweaver causes my Lion to partially freeze now for up to 20 seconds at a time. I noticed because it would cause my iTunes to stop and start repeatedly whenever it was open. It even forces the finder to pause! Terrible. Coda is great!

    1. Try running Activity Monitor in the background with just the floating CPU window up. Then you can easily verify Dreamweaver is the problem. Or watch the “% CPU” associated with Dreamweaver’s processes in the main Activity Monitor window — that’s certain proof.

  2. I’ll install this tonight.

    I have had lion completely lock up twice over the weekend… When trying to play a flash video (known issue) going to uninstall flash entirely now, only adobe software I have.

    Flash is just pure evil.

    1. Click to flash and the rest STILL have flash installed on your machine. Tells websites that you have flash… It just requires the user to click to play it.

      This addon tells the site that you do not have flash at all..

      1. ClickToFlash does not tell the Website you have Flash installed, it simply puts a placeholder on the page, thus obviating the unending “you do not have Flash installed” alerts. With or without Flash installed, ClickToFlash pulls up the alternative MP4 video, when available. So again, what does this new extension do?

  3. I use the YouTube5 extension which has been available for well over a year (if not longer) and does the same thing. Seriously, they act like this is some kind of breakthrough. This is a me-too extension which copies one that already exists.


    1. @LordRobin This is the developer of FlashToHTML5. I had to write a reply since you write ‘this is a me-too extension which copies one that already exists’, which is not true.

      It’s the other way around. FlashToHTML5 already existed when YouTube5 became available. 😉

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