Google+ may pass Twitter with one-fifth of U.S. adults online

“Google Inc.’s new social-networking service may grow to claim 22 percent of online U.S. adults in a year, passing Twitter Inc. and LinkedIn Corp. to be the second- most-used social site after Facebook Inc., a survey found,” Douglas MacMillan reports for Bloomberg.

“Google+ has signed up 13 percent of U.S. adults and will add 9 percent over the next year, according to the survey from Bloomberg/YouGov,” MacMillan reports. “In the same period, Facebook will lose about 2 percentage points of U.S. adults to keep 69 percent of that population, while Twitter and LinkedIn continue to grow their portion of users.”

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MacMillan reports, “Started in late June, Google+ is growing faster than Facebook and MySpace Inc. did in their early days. The service, which lets people connect with and manage groups of friends on a website, gained about 25 million users worldwide in less than a month, estimates market researcher ComScore Inc. Facebook has more than 750 million active users. Among survey respondents who had signed up for Google+, 45 percent said they read content on the site every day, compared with Facebook’s 62 percent of users. Twitter has 42 percent of its users return daily, while LinkedIn has 8 percent.”

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  1. Looking forward to the upcoming discussion on how social networking and media is lame. And then the person that says, no (pick your social network) is good and the others are garbage. And the person that says, “Go outside and interact with the real world.”

    That’ll be some good stuff. I’m now going to tweet about how much I hate Twitter.

  2. How many are actually using it? I’m signed up, but I don’t know a soul on there. People follow me on twitter, and I never post, just follow a bunch of people.

    1. I somehow picked up 2 Twitter followers. Near as I can tell, they don’t read/write English. I only read/write English.

      This is social?

      Have you seen the Toyota ad about social networking? An approximately 20 y.o. daughter complains how her parents aren’t social, how she signed them up for Facebook, how they have less than 20 “friends” while she has hundreds. Intercut with her complaining are shots of her parents doing all sorts of fun things with their friends, all of course be transported in their roomy new Toyota.

      Getting out and doing with friends is the real social.

  3. The reason why G+ was supposed to be fastest growing ….etc. Zis they had already 200 million gmail users. So you can’t compare that growth to Myspace or Facebook.

    Then you have the curiosity factor. To keep people there is another thing.

    Watch the useless monster die a slow death like all the other experiments and rip-offs from Gurgle, outside of search.

    1. It dosent matter if you have gmail, you still need an invite. You don’t automatically get a + account with gmail.

      Everyone i know is on the thing already it seems. It went big overnight it seems

  4. Between firefox, noscript, adblock, and ghostery… Everything google is blocked on my macs.

    If I could block them on iOS.. I would. (jailbreakers can)

    That’s how much I “trust” anything google. And since I don’t do social media anyway.. You won’t find me signing up either.

    Fad, all it is. That and the 200 million that were auto signed up like was pointed out.

  5. There are multiple problems with G+:
    – Trying to find people is a HUGE pain. Search is completely unintelligent (ironic, considering it’s Google) and doesn’t have options to drill down by region, workplace, etc. It won’t even find people by email address.
    – No privacy. Once anyone is found, they can be added to your circles without giving permission, and there’s no way to block them from doing so (that I can see). Looks great for stalkers.
    – Unintuitive interface. Clicking on someone’s pic or post may or may not bring up their profile, depending on the page you’re on.
    – Only the most hardcore geeks are posting. Everyone else seems to be there because they feel like they “have to be there”.

    1. “No privacy?” Well, perhaps, in the sense that Google gathers all the information they can about you, but unlike Facebook, you can easily choose, with each and every post, who gets to see it. This is the killer feature, and it’s astounding that Google wins on privacy!

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