The Web, Apple, Steve Jobs’ NeXT and the evolution of search

“While the Phandroid lobby echoes Google’s one-sided plea for ‘openness’, spare a thought for the Worldwide Web which spawned all this innovation, and the NeXT seed of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, which enabled the world’s first-ever Web server, 20 years ago,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld.

“August 6 marks the date the first-ever Web page went online, powered by the world’s first-ever Web server, situated at Assembled by Sir Tim Berners-Lee using a NeXT computer, the browser was also an editor, enabling an interactive Web experience,” Evans reports. “Unfortunately, with the exception of NeXT machines, most computers just weren’t capable of handling all these features, which is why a browse-only Web was born. Who ran NeXT? Steve Jobs.”

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Evans reports, “It is interesting that Berners-Lee used a NeXT computer both as the server and as the tool with which to write the first browser. Not only did the NeXT architecture allow him to create an interactive experience which we didn’t really see come to fruition for years online, but that experience had to be whittled down in order that other platforms could participate.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “krquet” for the heads up.]


  1. Google should shut mother f*ck up. Talk about innovation, where were you Google 20 years? Without NeXT/Apple, there would be no Web, no need for search, and no Google.

  2. The world has never recognized the tremendous contributions Steve Jobs has made toward advancing civilization positively on several different fronts. The man is a towering titan visionary and doer. Earth has been blessed by Steve Jobs.

  3. “…seems to be a curious lack of ambition and imagination.” ~ Nature.
    Reminiscent, perhaps, of another corporate (with photocopy machines for R&D) culture that had boomed into ubiquity in the late 80s and, for decades since, has held imagination/progress hostage. Love the wonderful pause imposed by that little word ‘curious’ there. Curiously loaded.

  4. … rhetoric? Why all the praise for S. Jobs and vilification of Google? Not saying Jobs – but not Apple – was not a contributing figure in this Berners-Lee brainstorm, but he only helped create the tool Berners-Lee used. As a manager, not a techie. The guys that created Google, had they even reached puberty twenty years ago? Kissed their first girl? OK, that last may not have happened, yet. But, a bit less on the silly spite. Next thing you’ll be saying is “where was Obama?” or “the Tea Party was caught napping!” – both as relevant to the discussion. Less vitriol, please!
    About those “other platforms” that required Berners-Lee’s invention to be whittled down, couldn’t have been Unix – that was the basis for the NeXT OS. Nor Linux, hadn’t been invented yet. So … Windows? Windows 3.1? All crucify Redmond, deserving as they are!

    1. Actually in that timeframe it would have been the Amiga more than likely. Late 80s to mid 90s it was arguably the most powerful and capable computer available to mere mortals.

    1. I read it. It’s awesome to read of his ideas and watch the pictures fly by of what we now know as computers…. Visionary! He was probably thought crazy back then.

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