Microsoft Windows Phone revenue less than $613 million a year

“Buried deep within Microsoft’s annual report Thursday to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is this little gem: In the company’s 2011 fiscal year, revenue for the Xbox 360 platform was $8.103 billion,” Nick Eaton reports for

“That’s not what’s noteworthy,” Eaton reports. “What’s noteworthy is if you subtract that number from overall revenue to the Entertainment and Devices Division – $8.716 billion – you get a rough figure for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile. That number – which also includes revenue from Zune, Mediaroom, Surface and hardware – was a mere $613 million last year.”

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Eaton reports, “The last official Windows Phone figures to come out of Redmond were in December 2010, when Microsoft said 1.5 million devices running Windows Phone 7 had been shipped — not necessarily sold — to retailers. In May, an analyst called Windows Phone 7 sales ‘catastrophic.’ …Apple reported iPhone revenue of $13.3 billion in the most recent quarter alone.”

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  1. Monkey Boy Definitely did not want that Bit of info to leak out,
    So they made sure it was Hidden Deep within the Report.
    (I Guess Chairs are being Thrown around Redmond as we Speak)

    Hee Haaaaaaaaaaaa.

    1. It wasn’t a “leak.” It’s just math. And it’s more telling that Microsoft lumps in Windows Phone 7 revenue with Zune and the big ass table, under “miscellaneous stuff.” On Apple report, it would be equivalent to revenue from selling USB docking cables and AA battery chargers. 🙂

  2. The $613m number includes not just Win 7m and WinMob, but also all Microsoft keyboards and mice, as well as the “Big-ass Tables” (a.k.a. Surface), Zunes and their Mediaroom software for set-top boxes (i.e. cable boxes).

    If we deduct all these other products and services from that already rather small number, we’ll get a really very embarrassing number for Windows 7 Mobile.

    1. C’Mon you guys, you know mobile is just a hobby for Ballmy & Co.. No one ever took them seriously and never will.

      Forgive me a cruel and well-deserved chuckle. Couldn’t happen to a more craptastic company.

    2. Yeah, $613M divided by 1.5M devices (sold or not) yields $407 per device – way too much for just the OS, from a company that does not make the phone hardware.

      Copies of WinPho 7 are “worth” maybe about $100?

      Sounds like a LOT of Zunes, keyboards, and other miscellaneous stuff contributing to that $613M number

  3. Whatever happened to their Surface demo, where you can place a glass on the table and it revolved text around it, play games with bubbles emanating from the edge of the glass. Then, where you set your phone on the table, you have a full working copy of what’s on the phone, on the surface. Sharing info is simply flicking data parts from one device to the other.

    Was that some kind of special effects or did they have functional code written up for that?

    What pisses me off, is when any company shows you something that makes your jaw drop, then it turns out to be vapor. To top it off they try to patent it. It’s like Jules Verne patenting the Nautilus before it was ever built and don’t anyone else try to do it.

    Microsoft = “Stick with us kid, we have plenty of ideas we have no idea how to pull off, develop and will never let you play with.”

    Microsoft, the not productive people.

    1. I’m sure it worked, but as with all great things at MS they are created and then die in “Microsoft Research”…. The company has a piss poor ability to take what comes out of MS Research and actually turn it into ‘products’ that sell.

      Well unless Apple releases something that does the same thing or better.. then they’ll rush something to market in short order… even if it completely f*cking sucks…. and they’ll come up short.. and they’ll hope its “good enough” … and Uncle Ballmer will come up with interesting ways to hide the loses under a group called “Windows” or “Office” on the financial reports…. and the time bomb just keeps on tickin’ … always counting down but no one is ever sure when it will finally reach zero and blow up in their face.

      Wash , Rinse and repeat.

  4. This is why Microsoft is hoping against hope that Android bites the big one. If Android loses a bunch of lawsuits, and it’s no longer as economical to implement due having to pay multiple license fees, Microsoft can ride to the rescue with the only single-license mobile OS available.


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