Purported iPhone 5 cases spring up all over China

“Recently, we saw pictures of iPhone 5 cases on the Internet,” Chris Chang reports for M.I.C. Gadget.

“Actually, we are now seeing these iPhone 5 cases everywhere in China now,” Chang reports. “What we are hearing now is that the Chinese case makers are distributing their iPhone 5 cases.”

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Chang reports, “Distribution price starts from 2 yuan (about $0.30), and you need to buy at least 500 of them!”

More photos in the full article here.

Purported iPhone 5 cases
Purported iPhone 5 cases


  1. Is it just me or does it seem more likely this is an iPod Touch case. Seems more likely they’d move the headphone port to the top and maybe throw in it’s place at the bottom another speaker (little stereo sound kinda thing) than to completely redesign the next iPhone back to a design similar to what they had before. Also, based on the mute switch, this also makes more sense.

    But….the iPhone is much more fun to rumor about so “oh my god….this is totally for the iPhone 5 and it is gonna be sweeeeet”

    1. Yeah, I’d be more inclined to believe these were iPod touch cases. I like the current iPhone 4 design. It’s more than a year old, but seems very fresh still, and looks new. If anything, a screen size increase to 4″ would be the only thing I’d consider, cosmetically.

  2. If this is truly an iPhone case (and not and iPod touch one), then they’d have a different back design, and since iPhone 4’s was fantastic, Apple wouldn’t downgrade back to plastic or iPod’s scratch-happy polished metal. This leaves us to make only one conclusion:


  3. I recall when there were cases being made for an “iPhone mini.” I’m sure Apple “leaks” fake information all the time, to make these people waste time, effort, and money (and ultimately discourage such activity in the future).

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