HTC: Apple lawsuit will not have fundamental impact on company

“Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC Corp said on Friday the lawsuit against Apple Inc will not have a fundamental impact on the company, adding the company is preparing an appeal to a U.S. court decision on the case,” Claire Jim reports for Reuters.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It already has, fool.

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  1. I have a finely tuned corporate speak translator and it tells me that the translation of this is “We know we’re screwed, but we can’t admit it, so we’re putting on a brave face.”

    To be honest, I wasn’t sure how this would play out, but I see this statement from HTC as an indication that they expect to lose.

    1. Unless the judge of first instance has made an egregious error in the interpretation of the law, the outcome of the appeal is a foregone conclusion. The appellate court will uphold the subordinate judge’s findings. It is obvious to me or any layman that an infringement of Apple’s patent rights has occurred. The only thing the appeal process does is buy time before damages are assessed. It is very rare, though, for a penalty to extend to a complete ban of the product from being imported to the U.S. We’re likely to see some form of monetary damages assessed and order for the excision of the infringing part from HTC hardware or Android software.

        1. The infringing portion is a underlying piece of code. I suspect if they lose someone will just workaround the patent. They’d still pay some damages however.

            1. HTC has the source code to Android. Nothing would stop them from changing it.

              Id wager if its a piece of code shared among linux distros and HTC loses it will be changed promptly as anyone making a linux distribution would be a potential target.

              If i were HTC Id be moving to get the patent invalidated. Its a very basic text/hyperlinking method with a ton of prior art behind it.

              I feel that while apple has a legit accusation of theft on many levels this peticular patent is a fine example of what is wrong with software patents. It should have never been granted in the first place.

  2. “Apple lawsuit will not have fundamental impact on company”.

    Really? So you’re going to continue copying & stealing your way through your next pathetic 10 years?!?

  3. “S3 Patents that Apple Violated Were Ruled Unpatentable”

    “In a rather interesting turn of events, the two patents owned by S3 that the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) were being violated by Apple’s Mac OS X operating system have been ruled to be unpatentable due to prior art by the U.S. Patent & Trade Mark Office (USPTO). The curious thing about the ruling, however, is that it came the same day as the ITC ruling, five days before HTC bought S3 in order to use that ITC ruling against Apple.”

    Don’t forget to read the comments there, particularly the last few ones.

    1. to think their banker friends in WS advised them to buy S3 for 300 much did the bankers make by divesting htc of a cool 300 million?

  4. Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, AKA Baghdad Bob, stood on the roof. Over his shoulder you could see American tanks rolling through the streets of Baghdad without opposition. He declared the American invaders were not having a fundamental impact on Iraqi defenses.

  5. all of you are actually missing the point, and the actual intended meaning of the statement!

    What he’s basically saying is that the company is gonna stick with it’s methods of simply stealing other people’s designs and ideas and shoving them into their own products…

    No matter who sues them, they’ll continue along their tried and tested method of R&D… Also known as: copy apple!

  6. Also from the source article:

    “Many lawsuits nowadays are results of being successful; it’s part of the business,” said HTC CEO Peter Chou in a telephone conference with investors. “We will not bring the company to a dangerous position.”


    Blatant hyperbole. HTC are freakin’ scared out of their minds and therefore faking bravado to hide the fact from their stockholders.

    You’re gonna BURN HTC. Where’s my marshmallow stick? 😆

  7. You people need to lay of Stevie’s livermush, it’s fogging your brains. The patents that HTC supposedly violated are useless. And second they are so vague there is a high probability the decision will be overturned on appeal. Apple needs to be careful with the can of worms it has opened because they have employed other companies technologies without first obtaining proper licenses. Just watch the next 3 to 6 months and you’ll see I’m right. Jobs’ strategy is to steal other company’s technology and then throw stacks of money they’re sitting on to shifty lawyers to beat the victims to death in court. You’ll notice a pattern in that he steals technology from small companies – companies he can intimidate and outspend in court.

    1. You don’t say. That would mean everyone but Exxon is a possible Apple target. Apple steals and HTC invents. That’s rich.

      There’s only one problem with that bullshit you write. Apple made the iPhone in 2007. HTC made the iPhone copy in 2009. Don’t you think it’s possible that Apple invented and HTC stole the invention?

        1. Never said Apple copied HTC, just that Apple copied. There were smart phones in existence for years before the iPhone. Apple didn’t invent the smartphone, but dimwits like Ballmer wouldn’t know that. Their tiny universe begins and ends with everything from the rotten Apple barrel. A lot of what Apple copied and placed in the first iPhone came from Windows Mobile, Palm and Blackberry.

          I’m old enough to remember how Apple’s arrogance has cost them. When IBM got into the PC market in the early 80’s all the arrogant Apple fanboys were poo pooing their effort, saying IBM had copied Apple or CPM. IBM would never succeed, they were late in the game, they had no business software, blah, blah, blah. A few short years after IBM had blown Apple out of the water the Mac comes on the scene. And when Windows was released the fanboys yelled the same ole same ole … it’s a pale imitation, it has no software, it will never catch on in the market. Apple is totally integrated, who wants piecemeal software, etc. Apple even went so far as to sue Microsoft, just like they’re suing competitors today. Yet for the third time, Apple got blown into the ditch by an “inferior copying competitor.”

          You would think at some point Apple and its rabid fan club would learn a lesson, but their arrogance prevents their being able to do so. And with blind cerebral challenged fanboys like Ballmer and company Apple will continue to fall behind the competition, while they lose all their market share as they whine and sue everybody along the way.

          1. YoMama said with a straight face – There were smart phones in existence for years before the iPhone. Apple didn’t invent the smartphone.
            Yes, they did invent the smartphone, years before anyone else. The only thing it didn’t have was a radio chip. It was called the Newton MessagePad. Every smartphone until the iPhone copied all of it’s features. Every smartphone since iPhone is now copying it’s features.
            OK, is it clear to you now or would you like to continue making a fool of yourself?

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