RUMOR: iPhone 5 to feature thinner, tapered design with larger display

“Yesterday, a purported case mold schematic for the fifth-generation iPhone emerged, pointing to a complete re-design for Apple’s handset,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“This mold points to a larger display, a larger home button, and a thinner profile for the next iPhone,” Gurman reports. “The original reporting of this schematic also includes a mockup of such an iPhone 5 case. Now, we have been able to secure an actual purported fifth-generation iPhone case from a source, not just a mockup”

Gurman reports, “This source is similar to the source who provided us with impeccably accurate design schematics for the iPad 2.”

Full article, with the photos, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


      1. Thinner, with a smaller battery. Then stick a juicepack on it to bulk it up to somewhere around the size of a current iPhone 4. Yeah, real smart thinking. It’s interesting, your username; it belongs to a muppet, doesn’t it?

        1. im not sure why I’m taking the time to reply, but I am.

          I don’t think you followed the comment. You don’t forgo a thinner design to increase battery capacity for the few people who need more juice than what they currently have. You forge ahead with the smaller design and the people who need more juice (<3%) can go get themselves a juice pack. That is why they are in business – mophie.
          Get it…Beaker?!

          Besides, people make their phones thicker RIGHT NOW with all kinds of cases and battery packs. What's the difference?

    1. THRILLED you’re not making the decisions. There is absolutely NO way they go that route. Extra radios that won’t necessarily be used? You’re hitting the pipe a bit hard if you believe, even for a split-second, that Apple would leave that kind of money on the table.

    1. TimD

      You are correct in your scoop matching the news of the last two days. The only thing I am puzzled about is that yesterday they mentioned no physical home button and possibly no other buttons as we currently know of them but rather touch sensitive spots in the edges of the case and bezel.

      If this latter is true the new phone may be more water resistant and definitely different from the Android knockoffs.

  1. don’t know if I am buying this…. Where are the antennas?

    The form is possible or even likely, as apple has been heavily into liquid metal R&D (including acquiring the company along with the engineers who did the initial R&D and filed the patent) But liquid metal is conductive (both electrically and magnetically) so it would make an effective faraday cage- not what you want for an internal microwave antenna, well, unless…. they have found a way to make parts of the liquid metal case -non conductive or even highly reactive (effectively non conductive at specific frequencies)… somehow, possibly by “doping” the liquid metal matrix in a specific pattern on the case… Mmmm… the mind reels.

  2. Bigger form factor case with same small screen but bigger button design does not make sense.

    Bigger full screen, thinner case, no button in front is what I would like. Button can go on the side and double for camera use.

  3. I just don’t buy it. There’s no way Apple would go back to a compromised form like that of the original iPhone. A metal back screws up its telephony far worse than any issue that the iPhone 4 may have had on AT&T. There’s no chance at all that I’d go from my 4 to a design like this as an upgrade.

    1. No, a solid metal back doesn’t “screw up telephony” it eliminates it! The same goes for the other antenna’s (wifi, BT, GPS… and BTW the antenna on the iPhone 4 isn’t screwed up it is an excellent design workes excellently and is considerably better than the 3GS, that whole antennagate thing was just astroturfing -virtually NO ONE returned their phone due to antenna issues)
      The faraday cage thing (blocking RF EM signals) would be true of a metal case…. unless they have found a way to isolate antennas within the solid liquid metal matrix. While it is almost unbelievable (very sci-fi) Apple would be on the short list of companies that could (and would) be able to pull something like that off.

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