Apple’s revolutionary iPad unleashing massive destruction on PC industry

“The Apple iPad continues its assault on the mighty PC industry and the market’s voracious appetite for the product indicates that PC makers have yet to feel the full impact of this paradigm-shattering product,” Bob Evans writes for Forbes.

“When it comes to the iPad and its impact on enterprise customers and on the PC industry itself, we are not really yet even at the end of the beginning—we are at most in the middle of the beginning,” Evans writes. “That is, we are only just starting to be able to gauge the massive and wide-ranging impact that the iPad is having and will continue to have on enterprise computing and on the venerable PC industry itself: the best (or worst, depending on where you sit) is yet to come.”

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Evans writes, “For the PC industry, the iPad represents something very like the meteor that blasted into the Earth 65 million years ago and made life on the planet unsustainable for dinosaurs. While life went on in countless other variations, for dinosaurs and other animals unable to adapt to the new realities of life on a very different Earth, the clock had simply run out.”

Much, much more in the full article – verrrrry highly recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Shut up, just shut up. You had us at “paradigm-shattering.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dow Chambless” for the heads up.]

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    1. Yes JoeMac, a SHEER pleasure to see Redmond doing the uneasy squirming for a change, as the worm turns. Years of craptastic technology coning out of that hellhole of bureaucratic and stagnant pond of scum and villainy is now reaping its rich reward. I love Seattle though and don’t like the fact that the economic toll the area would take without having Microsoft would be pretty devastating. Even though the world at large would be a better place…

  1. iPad 3 with retina display will be the end of the beginning -date December 26, 2012. Forward from that date will be followers diffusion in massive numbers to big to imagine.

  2. It has no keyboard or stylus, how is this possible? It can not be good for business or even email. It can never work well for a user without these two key parts that you have to lug around. Bill Gates defined this perfect tablet and it is not possible for the user to able to use it if Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer says so.

    Microsoft, LOL, seen the flash, iPhone, that was to be their Vista for the Battle of Waterloo, the iPad was the chill rolling in on the troops, and the next Apple paradigm shifing product will see their beaten masses hump back to Redmond. Burrrrrrr.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Apple cover for the iPad suddenly morph into a flat film based keyboard and trackpad.

      It would be a “poor man’s” keyboard, but it would allow you to work a bit better and move the cursor easier for those types of uses.

    2. Bill Gates’ vision of the perfect tablet far exceeded the iPad’s capabilities and in theory the iPad shouldn’t be selling in such high numbers or become the consumers’ go-to device. Is it possible that Bill Gates vision was blurred or are consumers just biding their time for the unleashing of the Windows 8 tablet?

  3. I began with an iPod Touch 1.5 years ago, now I have the iPhone, 2 iPads, AppleTV and made the company I work for buy the very first Mac computer (a MBP) in a Windows only office… And sure its not the last one!

  4. There is evidence in the fossil record that dinosaurs were on the decline before the comet hit due to factors such as inordinate volcanic activity in India due to the rupturing of the earth’s crust as the Indian plate slammed into the Asiatic plate and created a subduction zone where rocks slid under the mantle only to reappear again as upwelling folds on the earth that created the Himalayan range where Mount Everest is situated. 

    Another factor that contributed to the dinosaur’s decline was the evolutionary path of parasites and insect borne diseases that the dinosaurs had not sufficiently evolved to meet. These were skin burrowing parasites that caused lesions and was a vector for debilitating diseases that they had no natural defenses against.

    So the analogy here would be the iPad impacting the PC dinosaurs like the meteor did 65 million years ago on the Chicxulub Crater which created the conditions for extinction but that like the dinosaurs, Windows is crippled by viruses that are dealing it a body blow to security and crippling its natural defenses of DLL hell. 

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