International carriers reportedly dropping iPhone 4 prices

“International carriers are reportedly dropping their prices for the iPhone 4, leading to a month-over-month sales increase in markets such as Western Europe, according to Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette,” MacNN reports.

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“The device is also said to have achieved a modest gain in sales volume from May to June in North America, though shipment numbers remained flat in some markets,” MacNN reports. “Faucette suggests a few of Apple’s competitors have not showed such strength in the smartphone market. Estimates for RIM’s handset distribution point to a decline in BlackBerry sales from May into June. PlayBook sales were also described as “poor,” despite RIM’s promotional efforts to pair the tablet with a BlackBerry Curve in Europe.”

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    1. We thought we saw long lines in the past iPhone introductions. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Pre-orders numbers are likely to go through the freakin’ roof. Apple again will have a very difficult time keeping up with demand. Apple is going to set some unbelievable iPhone sales records like selling millions of units the first day.

      With computer-free iPhone activation and iCloud coming online, the consumers are just going to go nuts with simplcity and ease of use.

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