App enables iPad 2 jailbreak via Safari browser

“Methods for jailbreaking the iPad 2 have been out there almost since the device’s release in the spring,” Eric Mack reports for CNET. “Now, with the official release of JailbreakMe 3.0, jailbreaking the Apple tablet can be done in minutes from a Safari browser window via the JailbreakMe Web site.”

“Comex, the Apple hacker behind the jailbreak, initially broke into the iPad 2 in March, and has apparently been working to polish the JailbreakMe Web app ever since,” Mack reports. “The key is a vulnerability in iOS 4.3 tied to how the system displays PDF files.”

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    1. put it to you this way. EVERY new thing in iOS 5…. can be done NOW in iOS 4, jailbroken.

      Remember when you had to WAIT forever to have the ability to cut/copy/paste in iOS 3? Jailbreakers had that pretty much since day one..
      Folders? first on JB scene.
      Backgrounds? read above.
      multitasking? read above.
      notifications? ” (Now in iOS 5)
      Lock screen info? ” (now in iOS 5)
      More than 4 icons in dock? ” (can now, but you have to move a folder there.. and 5 fit perfect)
      Want the weather/stocks on your lockscreen? ” (Now in iOS 5)

      Granted with iOS4, 95% of my reasons to jailbreak were covered. with iOS 5, the other 5% are gone.

      Oh another thing.. Remember when the Camera Connection kit was released and you could connect a USB flash drive? and you could read it? but Apple removed that ability. Jailbreak and get it back. oh, and you know how the CCK won’t work on the iPhone? yep, jailbreak and you can.

      Oh… ever had a contact change his email address, but no matter what you do the OLD email address pops up everytime you type the contacts name? Apple says the ONLY way to fix it is to wipe your iPhone and start over. Check the apple discussions… thats the “official” fix.
      Jailbroken with same problem? SSH into phone, delete the stupid entry. done in 30 seconds.

      Apple approved apps for the app store, then decided to remove them later. AirView for one.. Now it’s on the Cydia store if you want it. AirView allows you to stream TO your iOS device… not just from it.

      Tweaking the iPhone is pretty much no different than tweaking OSX.

      there are many reasons to jailbreak, many of them are being incorporated into the OS now. (have been that way since the first Jailbreak apps, most of what we use today were first JB only apps/tweaks)

      There are more than just a few jailbreakers.. last count on Cydia had 10-15% of the total number of iOS devices connected at some point.

      1. Why did I jailbreak?

        MyWi. $25 simply isn’t worth it for the 30 minutes every other month I need to tether. And for the rumors of people who received nastygrams from AT&T, I think those went to freetards who are BitTorrenting via tethering.

        My3G. FaceTime over 3G rocks when I can call grandma from the museum and show her what her granddaughter is doing in real-time.

        Who Is Calling. Really, is a functional CallerID system that hard to build into iOS.

        FreeSync. It is so totally unnecessary to lock-up my non-iPod phone features while my music collection is being synced. Thank god for this nifty hack.

        iNoRotate. I hate apps that don’t have a built-in rotate lock. If I’m lying in bed reading something while laying on my side I don’t want the app changing orientation to 90º away from my eyes.

        Voicemail Forwarder. Ever received a voicemail that was more appropriate for a colleague or relative? Forward the voice mail to ’em through email. No note taking necessary.

        I’ve downloaded other stuff (like WiFiSync and Mobile Terminal), but the above is what works reliably (unlike WiFiSync and Mobile Terminal).

        1. I agree with most of your comments.

          But those that got hit by AT&T for the tethering… it DID come out that MyWi was unable to hide the fact the user was tethering without a plan. You had to go through a bunch of setup to actually hide that from AT&T.
          Last i heard MyWi did change the way it worked so AT&T couldn’t really determine you are tethering.

          But, AT&T was really only going after those that had high usage.. So like you said BitTorrenting etc. If you tether like once a month, and never even come close to using even 1GB of data a month.. AT&T didn’t even bother looking at your account.
          If you used 10GB/month… they did.

          Not sure i used My3G or if it was another one, but FaceTime over 3G was a very nice feature.

        2. What is a “freetard”? Is that meant to refer to someone who refuses to pay for things with no physical existence, e.g. music or video, which are inherently copiable, yet are locked down by intentionally broken technology to create profits for powerful rich corporations? If so, what a poorly chosen term; I would think the person who insists on paying for such things out of misguided moralism (though not for convenience or quality, of course) would better be called a “paytard”…

      2. Fuck me…seriously dude…that’s one of the biggest annoyances with the iPhone/iPad…the lack of an edit tool to manage email autofill. I’ve always wanted to SSH into the iPhone/iPad to edit the mailing autocomplete list but discovered you can’t without jailbreaking. And dude, what the fuck is wrong with Apple? Wiping your iPhone to edit email autofill entries? That’s like using a sledgehammer to kill an ant. Why can’t Apple make this easy? Bastards.

        1. I never used, nor do i endorse this…

          I did some searching last night, found this link on a apple discussion of all places.. The guy claims, and a few responders agreed, that using this tool you can fix the auto fill problems without jailbreaking.

          again, i have never used it…

          I agree it’s one of my biggest annoyances i have ever had with apple… the way they handle this is just wrong. If nothing else there should be a button in iTunes when connected under the info tab… rebuild contacts.
          it should purge all old contact info from autofil.

          hell, let us do it directly under the Mail, Contacts, Calendars in settings.

    2. SBSettings: Swipe the menu bar for fast access to various customized settings.

      Activator: There are many applications for this hack. For example, I have it set to illuminate the LED flash light with a double-tap of the sleep button. It’s much brighter than the screen, with no chane of accidentally pocket dialing–the light stays on with he screen locked.

      Private Browsing for Safari.

      Background “scrobbling” to

      Better Notifications.

      My favorite reason to jailbreak: Because I can.

      The reasons are unique for each individual. These are some of mine.

  1. Lonely shut-ins rejoice!

    Now you can tweak the UI with the same pathetic, desperate sensibilities that got you to where you are. Just wait until you show the two other mutants at Fry’s this weekend!

        1. Maybe I was a bit harsh…

          The jailbreak probably adds support for some convoluted, obscure video format that dorks use to pirate anime and cartoon porn. Or maybe somebody needs a kooky internet configuration because Mom turns off the Wifi after 9?

    1. Oh dear, the children are getting fractious, it’s obviously waaaay past their bedtime.
      And before you come back with the same dumb comments about lack of comprehension being some sort of crime that you’ve invented inside your tiny little minds, I’m perfectly capable of understanding that the few advantages that jailbreaking might offer the few geeks and freetards who use it are really irrelevant to me and the overwhelming majority of iPhone and iPad owners out there. I can, for example, copy to and from an SD card via a dock card reader and it’s associated app. I’ve had said app and reader since I bought my original 3G.
      Anything else is of no significant interest as regards my daily use of my iPhone, and hasn’t been for 2½ years.
      So there. ヅ

      1. I know I asked separately above, but really wondering… What is a “freetard”? Is that meant to refer to someone who refuses to pay for things with no physical existence, e.g. music or video, which are inherently copiable, yet are locked down by intentionally broken technology to create profits for powerful rich corporations? If so, what a poorly chosen term; I would think the person who insists on paying for such things out of misguided moralism (though not for convenience or quality, of course) would better be called a “paytard”…

    1. Yeah right. NOT!

      Many people thought so too, just like you, but were nevertheless charged anyway by their carrier. In some counties you can tether for free with the iphone AS IS. In those countries where this is not permitted you will get a shock in your bill soon enough.

        1. Apparently you are unaware that the carriers can unmask it if they really want to. In some cases they have allowed it to happen because they are just seeing where this goes…kind of. Sooner or later you will be charged!!!

  2. Around 18 months ago I temporarily jailbroke my Touch 2G. Granted, it’s an ageing device, but even so Cydia ran PAINFULLY slowly on it. It was the first time I’d ever experienced lag on the touch, and the large majority of tweaks and apps I found just made the iOS look like a teenager’s Myspace page. The value on Apple’s app store makes piracy more or less pointless IMO, and as for the genuinely useful tweaks to be found on Cydia, well, I decided I’d rather just wait for Apple to implement them securely and without conflicts.

    I know I’m generalising quite a lot here, but that was the experience I had and since software resetting I haven’t looked back since. I guess I’d rather just wait, and appreciate how it drives innovation in the iOS.

    1. Cydia DID run slow for a while. you are correct about that.

      Making the iPhone look like a child MySpace page… also correct. there are losers and idiots everywhere.

      These are the two things i REALLY miss from my jailbreaking.
      SBSettings (as pointed out above)

      Notification center takes care of Lockinfo. It’s not 100% the same (feature for feature) but, it’s good enough for me.

      SBSettings… Apple will NEVER allow, or never implement the things SBSettings does. and it’s a shame IMO.
      If you have ever used SBSettings… You know what i mean.
      (and not “I installed it for 5 minutes” either)

      And TheConfuzed1 pointed out Activator. I completely forgot about that!
      I didn’t actively install that, was needed for something else. I setup double click to open the camera, which… IS what Apple is doing. sorta..

    1. And therein lies the risk of Cydia and the various apps – very little quality control or testing can be done. Does it conflict with other apps? How does it run on the 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4? What about different versions of iOS?

      But that’s not a concern for many people, so they like the opportunity to jailbreak. Obviously it doesn’t bother Apple that much, or Apple would have locked down iOS by now. It certainly wouldn’t be as easy to jailbreak as it is.

      1. from what we have seen so far about iOS 5’s anti-jailbreak measures..
        It looks like everytime you restart your iPhone it makes sure that you are running the current authorized version of iOS.
        Makes only tethered jailbreaks possible.
        If you have ever been jailbroken, half the stuff you install needs to reboot the iphone. which makes a tethered jailbreak a pain.

        As far as the different versions, thats why there are jailbreaks for specific iOS versions. I’d say 98% of the Cydia apps tend to only conflict with other Cydia apps. It is kinda rare that a Cydia app conflicts with another installed App Store app.

        @Macrick Sometimes the jailbreak needs some setting changed, in safari if this uses it.
        I don’t care to jailbreak the iPad, so i’m not going to go check it out.
        Just thinking here, isn’t this jailbreak for iPad not iPhone?
        But since i don’t want to jailbreak now.. i haven’t really paid that much attention to it so it could be for all.

  3. Hey guys, i was thinking of buying a Porsche 911….but I want to break it open as soon as I get it home and make the roof retractable, add a missile launcher at the back, some guns to the front and add ejector seats. The people who say they can do this for me are called Clamydia, no one ever checks their work but they say they are really good.

        1. Hey, good comeback! Witty, thoughtful and concise. You really showed paul. Oh er, maybe not.

          Name calling is for those who have nothing to say that is of use or interest.

          1. Idiot – a person of the lowest order in a former classification of mental retardation, having a mental age of less than three years old and an intelligence quotient under 25.
            Umm… yeah.

        2. Jason,

          I defer you to 1st paragraph of Bizlaw’s comment above.


          I really don’t want to know any more about jail-breaking thank you very much! I am MORE than happy with what Apple provides, AND I don’t mind paying for my Apps rather than leaching off the pirated “Crap App” Store called Cydia.

          1. paul,

            you really are big into paying for things aren’t you? it sounds like you would never take anything for free, no matter if it were not available for you to buy for money, or how much it might help you, and no matter how unjust the big stupid corporate bully that told you you shouldn’t or put some technical speedbump in front of you.

            in fact, you probably buy all your water at the supermarket bottled up and chlorinated by Pepsico, because god forbid you should take it for free from the city that pipes it into your house…

            you realize most people aren’t quite that anal, don’t you?

            if you just have way too much money, you are welcome to pay some to me.

  4. Jailbreaking is fun when you have lots of time, no job, no career or…you are a programmer.

    If you have no time, a job/career or are not a programmer, jailbreaking is a waste.

    Your life will be determined by fiscal and physical health and any jailbreaking must benefit at least one.

    1. Or we have enough money from hacking into your weak security front and taking from you want we want. You brought a digital knife to a digital gun fight. Scratch above post. You win:

      1. Easy there Neo, I’m doubting you can unhook a bra, much less breach any kind of online security protocol.

        Besides what’s BoC supposed to be afraid of? The Hello Kitty menubar on you iPhone is going to guess his Facebook password?
        And even if you hack him with your ‘digital gun’, $150 buys him a Ukranian hacker to run a reverse trace and a couple thugs to beat you senseless with your own iPad. I’d start trying to download ‘Kung-fu’ immediately on Cydia, right after you get ‘Clue’ from the App Store.

  5. Yep the jailbreak community is a bunch of live in your moms basement no life, never seen a naked woman losers! That’s why many of the iOS 5 improvements are from those losers, in fact apple has hired some of those losers to go work in Cupertino! I’ll bet everyone of the MDN staff has a jailbroken phone and or iPad! Some of the stuff I read here this evening is piss your pants funny! Ignorance is bliss! You can now go back to that Benny Hill music playing in your head!

    1. Apple didn’t hire a jailbreaker, they hired one guy who wrote a notification app for jailbroken devices.

      So out of the entire pool of idiots who spent months trying to jailbreak iOS, they hired a guy who made a little window. So now the only guy worth a crap on the jailbreak side, is now not making stuff for jailbreakers. Not a confidence builder in their collective abilities.

      Then again if someone was doing something important, they wouldn’t trust doing their work on Mickey Moused software tear downs and dubious unsupported hacks.

  6. Where does this thought that jailbreakers are some evil bunch trying to hurt the rest of the idevice community come from! For me it wasnt about being a techno Jesse James, it was about trying to enjoy the capabilities the iPhone/iPad affords us! I guess using something like Pdanet or Mywi doesn’t make AT&T too happy but I think I can live with that! I guess I just don’t understand the need to bark like a chiuahua at something that someone enjoys and doesn’t affect you at all besides adding new improvements to the next upgrade to iOS!

    1. “doesn’t affect you at all”

      problem is, if you are pious moralistic bastard (“paytard” apparently being one species of such, though I’ve never seen them out in such force before), then everything anyone else does affects you by definition. see: abortion debate, homophobia, etc

      or else, as Jason noted above, they may be “carrier leach” or the equivalent… eg feeling they are personally being stolen from. in which case, misguided and evil in a different way.

    1. Wow folks!?
      I’ve read all the comments and I’m almost sorry I asked. This forum can be harsh or comical, not sure which.

      Thanks for all the explainations.

  7. The jailbreaking security issue here is due to the insecure nature of the PDF format. What Apple will be doing is stopping the default reading and execution of code embedded in PDF files.

    IOW: Yet again, thank ADOBE.

  8. LOL

    Today it dawns on everyone that the jail break broke their device. The camera connection kit no longer works and for many can’t be fixed. Yeah Apple is going to replace those broken devices which have by now dropped in value as the word slowly gets out.

    As I have read here this is really to bad, so sad!

    Boo hah hah!

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