RUMOR: Pegatron receives orders for 15 million Apple iPhone ‘4S’ units

“Taiwan-based notebook maker Pegatron Technology is estimated to have landed orders for 15 million iPhone 5s (iPhone 4S) from Apple and is set to start shipping in September of 2011, according to sources from upstream component makers,” Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

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“The sources pointed out that as the iPhone 5 [“4S”], which does not seem to have any major update from iPhone 4, is already set for shipment in September, they are already started supplying components to Pegatron with Pegatron’s plants in Shanghai, China also recently started hiring for manpower,” Chen and Tsai report.

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  1. No major update?? I get the iPhone 5 will look exactly like the iPhone 4, but c’mon, you should be able to tell the two apart. 64GB flash? A5 chip?

      1. The operating system has next to nothing to do with what they name the hardware.

        It would have to be a “4G” phone on cell carriers for Apple to call it iPhone 4G. That difference in hardware may mean they would name it iPhone 5 because the difference is greater than simply a processor speed bump.

        I hope Apple surprises everyone with a very different looking iPhone. I waited for my AT&T contract to run out and didn’t get the iPhone 4 (the contract just ran out) so I am ready to get a new phone. I hope it is better than simply a 4S.

        1. About “very different looking iPhone”: it is already happened last year; iPhone 4 is very different from what iPhone 1-3 were.

          For now, after such change, there is no room to make another “very different” iPhone unless imagine useless shapes like pyramid or sphere.

          1. In 2003, they reinvented the phone. In 2010, the created iPhone 4. I bet Apple can find a way to change it. Of course they always slim things down. I don’t need a skinnier phone, just beef up the specs

  2. As always, DigiTimes is about spewing ignorant nonsense.

    They claim that the plan was to sell 10 million CDMA phones in Q2, but this “information” is made-up since that figure is more than twice-to-thrice that possible to sell in USA via Verizon (CDMA iPhones are sold only through this channel).

    There was never such plan, DigiTimes make it up. (It does not mean all of their news are made up, but major part, yes, is.)

  3. Bought an unlocked iPhone 4 @ Saddle Creek Apple Store Thursday. Nice, very nice. Will be posting my trusty 3GS up on eBay as soon as it gets back with a new battery installed to recover some of the $.

    Not looking to upgrade again until 4G is ready for prime time…
    I am looking to migrate to Cellular South once the AT&T contract is up (December) for the 3GS.

  4. Quote from Pegatron website:

    “We are pursuing the vision of becoming a company that can make its customers delighted and joyful with its innovations and services.”

    This is almost as stupid as my companies’ mission statement. Almost.

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