Rush Limbaugh: Apple’s OS X Lion is fabulous, perfecto

Mac, iPhone, and iPad user Rush Limbaugh today covered Apple’s forthcoming OS X Lion in yet another free advertisement on what, since its inception on August 1, 1988, is the highest-rated talk radio show in the United States. The 3-hour Rush Limbaugh Show airs daily on a network of approximately 590 AM and FM affiliate stations:

Limbaugh said:
I’m using it and I love it. I’m using a beta of the new Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, the new operating system. It’s fabulous, Snerdley. The things they’ve done in the mail app are just fabulous. I tell you what they’ve done. They’ve brought so much of the mobile operating system from the iPhone and the iPad over to the computer, it’s… (interruption) Oh, no, I have a developer release. I’m an official registered developer out there. I’m one of the testers here. Everything aboveboard. The latest is it’s gonna release via the Mac App Store, not DVD. No DVD release. (interruption) Well, it’s four gigabytes. It’s gonna depend on what your connection speed is, but July 6th, I think, it’s out. Did I see July 5th or 6th at noon? It’s fabulous. (interruption) Oh, yeah, everything integrates. It’s perfecto. Look, I don’t want to spend time talking about it now; it’s something you have to see. But I’m just telling you I like it. It’s a significant increase.


[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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    1. Rush is the best!!!!! Thank god for him, Mark Levin, Sean, etc. You commies are destroying everything as fast you can. We hate you and will stop you.

        1. mred,

          When do liberals get the F*ck out of our hair and stop stealing our hard earned money and our hard fought rights??? Who made you liberal-communists such masterminds that you think you can tell everyone else what to do and take away their private property. Screw you all!!!!!

          1. Such anger from such a small mind. That you actually believe the right isnt doing the same thing is sad. You sound like one of those who will never benefit from the crybaby right’s favor-the-rich policies, yet vote them in anyway and are blind to how badly they’re screwing you.

    2. Hum, Rush likes Apple Products? You got be kidding me!! Apple is full is Libs!!! Hello, the Apple head quarters is in the San Francisco Bay Area. (BTW, Rush wants to “nuke” the the SF Bay Area!) So, does this mean that Rush is saying the “Libs” make fabulous products?

      Or is he just high on Oxycontin again? LOL!!!

      1. I don’t like you King Smell. You must not like Obamaninajad either. Talk about pompous HYPOCRITES! THE ENTIRE DEMOCRAT LEADERSHIP IS ABOUT AS POMPOUS AS IT GETS. AHOLES. ALL OF THEM.

        1. If you have read anything that I have written in the past, you will understand that I detest polarization at *both* ends of the spectrum. This discussion just happened to occur at Rush’s end.

          Your yelling and obvious polarization to the right supports my assertions.

  1. Heard him say this today… Was waiting for something to post said about it here.

    Didnt think it would be a whole story.

    So…. Now that it is here, let the political/personal attacks against him begin. (even though he didn’t say anything political nor anything we all wouldn’t agree with if anyone else said it)

  2. The man is a repulsive, idiotic moron, and just because he says positive things about Macs doesn’t give him credibility in my book. I’m sure he and I would also agree the sky is blue (usually), anything else I wouldn’t be too sure what he says. This guy i more nauseating than Ballmer,another big, fat idiot.

    1. +1

      100% agree.

      Oh, he is also the “Big Fat Idiot” and one of the “Lying Liars” featured in Al Franken’s book called “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them”. Good book.

      1. You should read this site. it’s pretty good dispelling AlFraken’s “book”

        and not just about Rush, pretty much all of his book.

        Don’t let facts get in the way of your hatred though.

        1. Republicans always out there “dispelling” something. Even things that are so obviously true.

          Let’s see now first they were dispelling Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11”, then they were dispelling Al’s book about these liars, then …oh yeah this is my favorite….they are out there still trying to “dispel” Darwin’s theory of Evolution. Yeah, I believe you, …..dinosaurs existed only a few thousand years back, of course they did…..I mean, isn’t Fred Flintstone enough to “dispel” the rumor that says it was millions of years ago.


          1. yeah cause if a liberal says it… nobody can ever say he’s wrong.

            go all the way back to 1980 with Gary Sick.
            He claimed Bush 41 under Reagan’s orders flew to Paris on a SR-71 to meet with Iran to release the hostages only after Reagan was elected..

            Tom Foley then speaker of the house “Well, we don’t have any evidence of this, but the seriousness of the charge requires us to investigate it”

            Even though it was proven false, people still to this day believe it was true.
            If you don’t dispel the BS, the left keeps making up crap.

            so yeah, when the left makes crap up the right dispels it.

            what Kingmel said “Belief is everything – reality will adapt.” is true. if you WANT to believe Bush Sr. went to paris… you will. regardless of the actual facts.

          2. Michael Moore????? You have to be kidding. That guy is the one of the biggest scum bags on the planet. American Carol, the movie, did a great story on him!

        2. I have not read Franken’s book. So I have no opinion on it.

          In general, however, don’t let the facts get in the way of your dispelling. Belief is everything – reality will adapt.

    2. Oh, just love the liberal hate. Rush is witty, has the gift of gab like no one else, has a great voice, and plays politics with the best of them. When talking of Rush his is a polarizing figure, but spewing of hate from lefties scares me straight to the middle in a hurry. I don’t ever want to be like that.

      1. He actually is quite intelligent, and he does have an ability and the voice for communication. That just makes him more dangerous in terms of being able to mix a few facts into his highly biased view of politics and the world. He can make even the ridiculous sound reasonable, and he knows his audience so thoroughly that they accept virtually anything he says with gusto because it is what they want to believe. Remember, facts and reason should never get in the way of belief and faith.

        If he had chosen to do so, Rush would have made an excellent con man.

      2. You are correct – Rush is highly polarizing and he invites corresponding at the opposite end of the spectrum. So he actually creates a double whammy of bad juju.

        I advocate the Greek philosophy of moderation in all things. Moderation, together with reasoned dialog and compromise are needed today, more than ever. I am conservative in some ways and liberal in others – so I cannot comfortably affiliate myself with either major political party. Unfortunately, there are not many viable Independent candidates in the U.S.

    3. auramac is a repulsive, idiotic moron, and just because he says positive things about Macs doesn’t give him credibility in my book. I’m sure he and I would also agree the sky is blue (usually), anything else I wouldn’t be too sure what he says. This guy i more nauseating than Ballmer,another big, fat idiot.

    4. I seriously doubt you have ever listened to Rush, because, if you had, unless you are hopelessly entrenched in the terminal disease of Liberalism, you would have discerned the light of the truth of his healing Conservatism.

      It’s interesting you focus on his size and diss him as moronic and idiotic rather than counter his ideas. Maybe if he used smaller words….

      At any rate, when the U.S.A. defaults in about two weeks time and 0bama deems it necessary to set up a benevolent dictatorship – complete with a domestic police force, you may want to revisit your conclusions.

    1. I watched the Behind the scenes making of The Expendables the other day, it’s on netflix.
      Stallone is also a huge mac guy. never knew that either.
      In one part, he’s talking about writing the script and there are macs everywhere… iMac on his desk, the Secretary carrying a MBP etc.

      It’s just one of those things you notice.

      (Side note, Stallone got his ass kicked in that movie… Footage of him going to the Hospital like 4 times…Broken neck, dislocated shoulder, torn ligaments… half that blood was his lol)

      1. Why? For saying the truth?

        Actually I am surprised that Limpy the “hate filled turd” endorses anything that a hippie such as Steve Jobs might have given life to. Now that really is surprising.

        1. I know, right?! I just don’t get it at all—RL is a Mac user!

          Rush Limbaugh.

          I mean, I’m pretty sure if you put Rush and Steve in the same room together the world would come to an end.

      1. How do you know that? He isn’t very tactful, but he just might be right. Rush is certainly full of vitriol for large sections of the American population – you know, the people that do not agree with his narrow-minded view of the world. Friggin’ hypocrite.

  3. “This guy i more nauseating than Ballmer,another big, fat idiot.”

    You meant to say like Michael Moore, right?
    Or Alec Baldwin?
    Al FrankenGore…?

    Ironic thing to me is, I switched to the talk station just as I was pulling in for lunch, and that was all I heard from the entire show was the snippet above.

    Next Friday’s (the 8th) Open Line Friday will probably have 30-40 minutes dedicated to Lion.

    I hope to be gazing heavenly about that time….

    1. Michael Moore is a big fat (really really fat) documentary filmmaker.

      Alec Baldwin is a big fat actor.

      Al Gore is a big fat Nobel Prize winner.

      Rush Limbaugh is indeed a big fat idiot.

      Al Franken isn’t fat.

      1. Liberals should stick to creating things and not be in charge. They drift towards insanity like AlGore and Al Franken. Rush is right 99.2% of the time according to the Sullivan group.

        1. Gotta love that stat – do you mean “right” or “factually correct”?

          What are the credentials of the “Sullivan Group” and who funds them? We all know that every “Group” out there speaks only truth. Take the Enderle Group, for instance…

          Even if that stat were true, which I doubt, it would not tell the whole story. Much of what Rush says is opinion, not fact. Therefore, it would not be subject to verification by the Sullivan Group. Secondly, anyone with intelligence can sprinkle actual facts into an argument to support their cause. Just because those facts are taken out of context or presented in a deceptive manner does not make them any less “factual”.

          You are a classic example of the type of polarized mindset that is destroying this country. If you believe that only “conservatives” can lead, then you are terribly deluded. Neither can all conservatives lead.

          What this country needs is for people to pull together to tackle the very difficult problems that we face now and in the coming decades. That will not be accomplished by two political parties telling large groups of American citizenry that they are absolutely wrong in every way imaginable and that things will get better only when they understand the error of their ways. That sounds way too much like…religion.

    1. So you’re saying there is hope for Obama yet?!

      On a side note, I never thought I’d be in agreement with anything spouted on MSNBC, but the comment on Obama, “He’s a dick!”, couldn’t have been said more succinctly in purpose and clarity in thought! And what does MSNBC do to someone who tell the truth? Puts them on indefinite leave! Way to go… Lobs on a liberal network stifle free speech yet again!

        1. have you seen the whole video?
          I agree it was VERY unprofessional, but they damn near led him into saying it.
          “go ahead, we have the delay”
          then they don’t…

          I don’t think they should fire him, or put him on leave. and i don’t like the guy either.

  4. Number 1 talk radio host? Where? Utah? That fat fsck has NEVER beat Stern in the ratings. Ever.

    The only redeeming quality to that fat bastard is that he likes Apple and their products.

    Fat fsck.

      1. Prove it. Find me an arbitron book that says he beat Stern.

        Hell add Imus’ rating to that tubby bastards number and I would be willing to bet they didn’t match Stern’s.

    1. So what is the big pride in beating Stern in the ratings? Like his content has any value other than shock and porn? Not saying that doesn’t sell, obviously it does (Hollywood is banking on it daily), but for anyone looking for intelligent content, you don’t go searching the dial for Howard. I used to listen to Howard for about 2 years, but it just got more and more disgusting and repetitive rather than good humor and entertaining and I stopped listening.

  5. LIke or despise Rush. His audience spends big money. He has sold more Macs than probably any of the actual paid spokes people. He has promoted Apple products proudly over the years. The bumps in the road he has pointed out also, generally hitting is square on the head most of the time.
    He uses the product, loves them and talks about his experience…. You can not buy that.

        1. Just because someone likes and advocates Macs does not make them admirable, or even tolerable. The means do not justify the ends. The fact that Rush is smart enough to prefer Macs does not excuse the rest.

      1. My goodness, for someone who claims to prefer the middle viewpoint, you manage to spew some major vitriol yourself. Tell us in 25 words or less what Rush ever did to deserve this kind of censure. Talk about hypocrisy!

    1. And he got them to fix that Mail and Time Machine issue if I remember correctly. Rush had a valid point there, and Apple addressed it. We all benefited.

  6. MORE comments by the liberals that cant take anyone’s opinions other then theirs.

    I don’t really care for Rush, but he is right more times that he is wrong. You liberals just can’t admit it.

    You liberals have a hideous distorted view of the world!!

    Look who your constituency is = criminals in jail!! Most criminals are liberals!! Your constituency Be proud of your clan!!

    1. And this is why I’m proud to live in Canada…..politics to us is just a 3 ring circus. No one really cares because either way, one of them is just going to f*** everything up.

    2. “MORE comments by the liberals that cant take anyone’s opinions other then theirs.”

      “You liberals have a hideous distorted view of the world!!”

    3. Ugh. Once again, you further the stereotype of narrow-minded righties. NUMEROUS studies have demonstrated that liberals seek out contraian viewpoints at a rate FAR greater than their conservative counterparts. Likely, that’s because a FAR greater percentge of them (red states ARE statistically less educated than blue) posses the intellectual capacity for debate rather than just vomiting back that which they heard on Faux News.

    1. No.
      If you actually listened to him that day you would have known he said he felt sorry for MJF.
      the video of rush “mocking” MJF you saw on CNN… was sped up, and looped. oh noes!
      MSNBC even admitted they did it… multiple times.

      What Rush said
      “He is exaggerating the effects of the disease. He’s moving all around and shaking and it’s purely an act. … This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox. Either he didn’t take his medication or he’s acting.”

      He also stated later that SAME hour
      “All I’m saying is I’ve never seen him the way he appears in this commercial for Claire McCaskill,” says Limbaugh. “So I will bigly, hugely admit that I was wrong, and I will apologize to Michael J. Fox, if I am wrong in characterizing his behavior on this commercial as an act, especially since people are telling me they have seen him this way on other interviews and in other television appearances.”

      Even MJF had to admit later that Rush was correct when he said MJF either did not take his meds, or took too much. Which he DID over medicate for the ad.
      And he later admitted he NEVER read what he was advocating for, which btw… was for human cloning, not stem cell research like MJF said it was.
      you can read the whole thing there. and watch the links of the doctored videos and the links proving Rush was in fact right. I doubt you’ll have the guts to actually read any of those links…

      But you won’t care.. you don’t like Rush so ANY chance you can to bash the guy you will.

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