Apple releases Thunderbolt Firmware Update

Apple has released Thunderbolt Firmware Update which provides Thunderbolt performance and stability fixes.

After launching the update, when your computer restarts a gray screen will appear with a status bar to indicate the progress of the update.

Do not disturb or shut off the power on your computer during this update.

Thunderbolt Firmware Update is available via Software Update and also as a standalone installer.

More info and download link (486 KB) here.


  1. $49 for a Thunderbolt cable REALY, lets scuttle the adoption of this new Tech with absurd prices (3rd party cables please).

    Oh and at the price of those drives cable should be in the box.

    1. SCSI cables used to cost $50 to $60 here in Oz a few years ago. When I moved house about 3 years ago I threw out many hundreds of dollars worth of cables and switching boxes, mostly SCSI.

      Oh well, at least computers are better and cheaper…

    1. Linda, Thunderbolt is basically an input/output port on your computer, similar in function to a USB port. If it exists, you’ll see a port with a stylized lightning bolt next to it. go to this page at Apple and scroll down until you see a photo of a MacBook Pro edge on illustrating all the ports:

      That will show you where it is.

      the other part of this is, of course, peripherals that eventually will be sold that support this new port, devices that work faster (and thus better) when they can communicate with your computer over a very high-speed link, such as Thunderbolt. External hard drives and high-end film scanners come to mind.

      To make Thunderbolt work, the computer uses electronics to “drive” the port and direct traffic coming in through the port. One piece of this is called the firmware and it is something that occasionally get updated from Apple via their software update program. If an update is needed, you’ll be asked by the program if you want to install it. The usual answer is “yes.” That’s it.

      Hope this helps.

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